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Year: 1958

Thai title: สวรรค์มืด
English title: Dark Heaven

Rating: 4/5
Director: Ratana Pestonji

Main actor:
Main actress: Chosri Misommon

Thai movie สวรรค์มืด / Dark Heaven was released in year 1958 and lasts 1h39mn. Movie director is Rattana Pestonji. The movie was released on DVD format by Thai Film Archives. A young poor lady, Nien (สืบเนื่อง กันภัย), is hungry and steals the food from a rich man, buying chicken for his dogs. He runs after her and asks the police for help. Young man, Chu (สุเทพ วงศ์กำแหง), being a rubbish collector, hides her in his vehicle. He blames the old man buying expensive goods for his dog and not being able to have compassion for a young poor hungry lady. Chu helps Nien. Chu invites Nien to his home as she has nowhere to go and is hungry. Love slowly emerges. Multiple songs are featured in this movie. As he doesn't dare to declare his love to Nien, Chu brings a fake radio at home and sings a love song when Nien turns it on. Chu is selected to be sent to the Korean war as a soldier. He has to leave Nien behind. He asks her to wear men's clothes and succeeds in having her employed as a rubbish collector before leaving. This is a tiring job for Nien. She meets a lady (เพ็ญศรี พุ่มชูศรี) looking for a clairvoyant (หมอดู). The lady loses an expensive bracelet, but Nien runs after her to give it back. Seeing that the rubbish collector is a woman and sad to know Nien has no family, she asks to adopt her as she has no daughter. The rich lady has a domestic helper (Chosri Misommon). A man having studied overseas is enamored with Nien and wishes to marry her. Nien is not interested, but he insists. Meanwhile Chu is injured on the battlefield. The young man is coming with his father to ask for Nien's hand. Nien recognizes the father as being the rich man that chased her when she was poor and hungry. She asks some requirements of the father regarding his son, especially about kindness. He claims all members of his family including himself are truly kind to all other people. She reminds him about the theft incident last year and rejects the wedding request as she doesn't believe he is truly kind. He is just a liar. Finally, Chu is back but he is blind. Knowing that Nien is having happiness, he refuses to meet her again as he is blind now. Nien is informed by the policeman that Chu is back. She visits him in his old home. Chu would like to break up with Nien as he doesn't want to be a burden for her. She refuses. Asking Nien to buy water for him, he puts poison in his food and eats it. Soldiers had poison fiole with them in case they would be captured by enemies. Nien is back and eats the food also despite Chu trying to prevent her. Her family and friends arrive in the old house. Chu and Nien give their departure farewell as they are about to die. One military friend discloses he removed the poison from the flask as he was worried about Chu. Nien and Chu can finally have happiness together.

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