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หลวงตา 3 สีกาข้างวัด
หลวงตา 3 สีกาข้างวัด

Year: 1991

Thai title: หลวงตา 3 สีกาข้างวัด
English title:

Rating: 3/5
Director: Permpol Choei-arun

Main actor: Lor Tok,Kiet Kijcharouen,Rong Kaomulkadee
Main actress: Chamaiporn Jaturaput,Duangta Tungkamanee

Thai movie หลวงตา 3 สีกาข้างวัด was released in year 1991. As it is linked to Buddhist religion, the story is sensible as based on a real story (อดีตพระนิกร-สีกาอร). The movie was even censored and cut a few times. Lor Tok is playing Luang Ta again. Waen (Kiet Kijcharouen) and Biu are playing temple boys (เด็กวัด) roles. Veteran actress Chamaiporn Jaturaput is playing a market woman (แม่ค้า). Luang Ta is always helping and listening to his community. He also faces various problems of daily life with its lies (people asking for money to ordain but claiming later that money disappears...). Oratai's elder sister, Phiya, is a nun (แม่ชี). She quit her home as her father was a drunkard. She ended up working in a brothel. Luang Ta visits a buddhist temple with Biu and Oratai. The monk there is having a huge number of followers and claims having been in paradise and hell already. Speech competition (เทศ) happens between the two monks. The monk (เณร) proposes to Oratai to be his follower (ลูกศิษย์). Oratai accepts. Later on, the monk is looking for opportunities to be alone with Oratai. Biu and Wen always disturb Phiya as Biu is fond of her. Luang Ta uses a funny stratagem to ensure they stop disturbing Phiya (สงบ). The monk gets massage despite still being young. Phiya, worried about her sister Oratai (สีกา), wishes to get her back (ชาวบ้านนินทา). A monk staying alone with woman is incorrect. It tarnishes Buddhism reputation as religion (เรื่องไม่ดีไม่งาม). Phiya, unable to get back her sister, consults Luang Ta. Luang Ta asks help from a senior monk in the hierarchy. Finally Oratai goes back to her sister. Some followers of this monk are upset about Luang Ta and his friends. They wish to kill them. If the monk is defrocked, then they will lose the good life they get through the money coming from donation! (คนชั่ว). They finally get arrested by the police. Oratai becomes a nun (แม่ชี) also. The movie ends up with compassion message as the market woman educates 4 children that are not hers. Director is Permpol Choei-arun famous for his drama and social movies.

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