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Year: 1990

Thai title: ข้ามาจากสวรรค์
English title:

Rating: 3/5
Director: พรเพชร

Main actor: Bin Banleurit,Joomjim Khemlek,White Padungkan,Sompong Phonmitr,Somkuan Krajangsat
Main actress:

Thai movie ข้ามาจากสวรรค์ was released in year 1990 and lasts 1h28mn. It was released under VHS format. Movie director is พรเพชร. Phuta (Bin Banleurit) and his father (Somkuan Krajangsat) are living together. The father has a new young wife named Malasee (พิสมัย ภุมา). Lamtien (สรารัตน์ หรุ่มเรืองวงศ์) is Phuta’s girlfriend but her parents refuse this love as Phuta is poor. Phuta (ใจบุญ) is keeping cattle. White Padungkan (ไวท์ ผดุงการ) and Joomjim Khemlek are local drunken ruffians. They beat a beggar (ขอทาน) (Sompong Phonmitr) but Phuta helps. As the beggar has not eaten for days, Phuta gives him his meal. It is in fact an angel (เทวดา). He thanks Phuta for his kindness and promises to help him every time he will ask. Ruffians steal Phuta's cattle while Phuta is resting. Asking for help to the angel, Phuta gets back his cattle. Lamtien wishes to flee with him but Phuta cannot accept such way of acting. Malasee tries to seduce him (ความชั่ว) but he refuses her advances as she is his father's new wife. She complains to the father that Phuta tried to seduce her so the father chases Phuta from his home. Phuta misses his mother (บูชาแม่) so he takes her portrait before leaving. Lamtien's mother wishes to organize a wedding for her (สาวเต็มตัว). The angel gives a treasure but Phuta refuses to take it. At local temple fair, Phuta and Lantiem see White and Malasee together (น่าเกลียด). Phuta's father is getting seriously sick as Malasee is not taking care of him. After a fight, Phuta chases White and Malasee from his home. Lamtiem is now having a fiance as her parents force her (รักไปเอง). The mother gives Phuta a last chance to gather a dowry before the next day. The three ruffians, aware of the treasure and the angel, try to get it. The treasure belongs to Phuta as it is linked to his good deeds during previous lives. Ruffians ask for it and the angel finally accepts but the coffer only includes snakes (บุญไม่มี). The two coffers (บุญเก่า) are found near Phuta’s bed when he wakes up. Indebted, White sells his Buddha amulet to ผีนรก. Phuta was always doing good deeds while others were misbehaving. Marasee and White finally kill each other. Phuta and Lamtien can have happiness.

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