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Year: 1989

Thai title: คนทรงเจ้า
English title: Silhouette of god

Rating: 5/5
Director: แจ๊สสยาม

Main actor: Santisuk Promsiri,Somjin Thammatat
Main actress: Jintara Sookkapat,Paweena Chareefsakul

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Thai movie คนทรงเจ้า / Silhouette of god was released in year 1989 and lasts 1h58mn. It was released under VHS, VCD and DVD format by BKP company and VCD format by Solar company. A remastered version was released by Five Star Production in the decade 2010s and shown on Thai TV cable. Movie director is แจ๊สสยาม. The movie received four Thai cinema awards. The Culture Ministry registers 25 Thai classic films each year at the National Film Heritage Registry. This movie is part of the 25 films heritage list announced on 04 October 2014, which is Thai Movies Conservation Day. Kam (Santisuk Promsiri) is married with one kid. As the river near their house starts to flood, he must put his livestock in a safer place. He puts them near a shrine (เจ้าพ่อ) on a land which belongs to him as he rents it. Villager Mek is upset as it is near a sacred shrine (ที่ศักดิ์สิทธิ์). Mek asks the spirit to help him to seduce Pagna (น้องพงา) (Jintara Sookkapat), daughter of Phujai. Phujai (Somjin Thammatat) asks Kam to remove his animals but Kam refuses as he does not believe in spirits (ไม่นับถือ). His son falls in the water and dies. Villagers say it is the spirit's revenge. Kam refuses to believe and decides to cut the tree. Maybe due to insolation or spirit's action, he loses conscience on the first attempt to cut the tree. Still stubborn (ไม่ยอม), he finally attaches his buffaloes near the tree. One evening as a storm is happening, his wife starts to give birth, but it does not happen well despite the local midwife's help. Unable to help, she asks him to pay allegiance to the spirit (แก้บน) to save his wife (ปวีณา ชารีฟสกุล). Kam promises to be a medium (คนทรอง) for the tree spirit. It looks like Kam still wishes the tree spirit and the villagers to pay for the bad sins they caused to him. Mek's wife, Phayia (จริยา สรณคมน์), wishes to find a way to get her husband back as he is now fond of Pagna. The spirit tells that her real-life love (คู่ชีวิต) is Kam and makes some filter for her to get back her husband. Finally, Kam and Phayia become lovers. Mek, upset that his wife Phayia (พเยีย) often visits the spirit medium, suspects a relationship between them (ชู้กับเมียเขา) but is unable to catch them. He believes Kam is lying (หลอกลวง) to villagers, indulges in alcohol and wishes to kill Kam. Meanwhile Phujai benefits from the money given as donations to the spirit medium. The spirit performs ceremony to change people’s bad luck (สะเดาะเคราะห์). Phujai wishes his daughter to win Songkran beauty contest to be an "angel" (เทพิ) and to find a rich husband for her. Phujai uses a weak-minded man to get rid of Mek. Kam's wife is happy being rich and does not care about the relationship of Kam with other women. Phujai is worried being accused that he masterminded Mek's death. Kam convinces him to hide deeply in the jungle. Then Kam selects four servants (บริวาร), i.e. Mek's former wife (Phayia), Phujai's daughter (Pagna), his own wife and the midwife's niece. All his former enemies are neutralised. This movie leaves the viewer still wondering if Kam is acting or really possessed.

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