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Year: 2019

Thai title: หหลวงตามหาเฮง
English title:

Rating: 3/5
Director: เจริญ รุ่งเรืองทรัพย์

Main actor: Akom Preedakul
Main actress:

Thai movie หหลวงตามหาเฮง was released in year 2019 and lasts 2h03mn. Movie director is เจริญ รุ่งเรืองทรัพย์. This comedy features a few Buddhist messages encouraging people to stop playing the lottery. This is the start of the Buddhist Lent. Luang Ta (Akom Preedakul) invites his followers to be back on August 15. Meanwhile, some locals interpret his words and extract numbers from them. They wish to buy lottery tickets featuring Luang Ta lucky numbers (เลขหลวงตา) such as 888. Luang Ta has three disciples (ลูกศิษย์) to help him but they are quite lazy. Two rich ladies are earning money through an illegal lottery organisation (หวยเถื่อน). They lose a lot of money at Luang Ta's numbers are really lucky. They lose again as people still interpret Luang Ta’s speeches as numbers. Luang Ta asks them to stop playing the lottery. The ladies' two sons are becoming policemen and soldiers. As a joke, Luang Ta mentions he may end up as prime minister! One third lady won the 30M THB lottery, but she collapsed as a shock. She was close to a crazy lady (คนบ้า) who cannot help. A mother having thrown away her child twenty years ago in the Buddhist temple comes back to see Luang Ta. Her son, being of Luang Ta's disciples, refuses to forgive. The rich mother cannot get used to the fact that his policeman son gets a wife much older than him. The mother calls a shaman (หมอผี) to chase the wife, but it fails. Meanwhile the two ladies keep losing money as people buy tickets with numbers mentioned by Luang Ta in sermons. They hire two small thugs to kidnap Luang Ta to prevent him from sharing anymore numbers. The crazy lady, having heard the thugs, inform the three disciples for them to release Luang Ta. The two rich ladies are very concerned as they are close to bankruptcy, so they ask the two thugs to get rid of Luang Ta by any means. Seeing one of Lang Ta's disciples involved in drugs (ยาบ้า), it gives them ideas. The city market is facing an upsurge of drug traffic. Many teens are addicted. Parents are looking for the traffickers. The two thugs accuse Luang Ta, so the villagers wish Luang Ta and his disciples to quit the district (ออกไป). One of the disciples, Som, mentions he borrowed money from the local mafia to start a small lottery business, but he was not involved in drugs. When Som is giving back the borrowed money, the mafia mentions it is not enough. A fight occurs. Friends come to help but Som ends up at hospital. Luang Ta visits Som at hospital at same time and gets shot by accident by ruffians. Luang Ta hospital bills increase to 300,000 THB. The policeman and soldier help with their golden Buddha amulets but it is not enough. Luckily Rot, one of Luang Ta's disciples, wins the lottery as his dog has chosen a lucky ticket. He gets hit by a car while rushing to the lottery shop. Finally, he doesn't die but loses one arm. Luang Ta and his three disciples leave for Bangkok. Luang Ta reminds the villagers not to play lottery anymore and especially the illegal lottery.

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