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Year: 2016

Thai title: กลัว
English title: The Story

Rating: 4/5

Main actor:
Main actress:

Thai short film กลัว / The Story was released in year 2016 on YouTube and on Thai TV NBT ช่อง 11. It lasts 32 minutes and is based on a real story. Sa, a young Muslim teen living in Pattani, is in grade ม.6. Her mother is working in Malaysia. Sa needs to stop her study and to find a job as her family is poor. She was mainly raised by her grandparents. Due to insurrection in South of Thailand, insecurity and fear (กลัว) are always present. One day, she carries a small boy injured during a bombing. She finally gets a chance to go to university (ได้ทุน) in Nakhon Thammarat to study medicine. Fear (ความกลัว) is present in daily life through anti-intrusion barriers in front of Buddhist temples, Thai armed soldiers controlling circulation. The university includes Buddhist and Muslim students so they have to work together and to go beyond cultural issues. Friendship can be built through love (มิตรภาพยนตร์สร้างได้และ หล่อหลอมด้วยความรัก). Both Muslim (ไทยมุสลิม) and Buddhist (ไทยพุทธ) students love the same land. One day, one of her Muslim friend's father, is killed so misunderstanding does happen again between Muslim and Buddhist students. Finally friendship is stronger than misunderstanding as Fatima is back. Nobody understand Muslims as well as another Muslim, so Sa wishes to go back to her village to take care of people by being a doctor.

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