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Year: 2015

Thai title: อาปัติ
English title: Arbat

Rating: 5/5

Main actor: Charlie Trairattana,Sorapong Chatree
Main actress:

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Thai movie อาปัติ was released in year 2015. It lasts 1h20mn. The movie อาบัติ was censored and finally renamed as อาปัติ after removing some controversial scenes. Thai movie "Arbat" (อาบัติ) was first banned in 2015. Thai Censorship Board objected to the movie not being respectful to Thai Buddhism (novice drinking alcohol, novices fighting, novice showing disrespect to the Buddha image, novice touching the face of a girl). Finally after cutting three minutes, the movie was unbanned and released under new name "Arpatti" (อาปัติ). The movie still shows young monks smoking and playing with their smartphone but those are typical scenes that can be seen nowadays in Buddhist temples. The movie director mentions it was a way to attract attention on issues happening in nowadays Thai Buddhism. Novice (เณร) San (Charlie Trairattana) just enters monkhood. San is back from prison after 2 years and his father still does not forgive him. In this Buddhist temple, they provide food and prayers for hungry ghosts (เปรต). Not everybody can see hungry ghost (One way to to see a ghost is to bend over, stick the head between legs and look behind). San still tries to contact his girlfriend through Line but she doesn't answer. Sorapong Chatree is playing a crazy guy. San meets a young teen girl called Fai. San has visions of ghosts in his room. San is upset as his girlfriend doesn't answer. She finally tells him that she wishes to break (เลิก). Upset San drinks alcohol and is discovered by other monks. He wishes to disrobe (สึก). Issues are happening with the crazy guy, who mentions a ghost is around San's cloister (กุฏิ) and is also stealing alms offering (บิณฑบาต) food. But as the abbot takes too long time to let him go, he wishes to remove the robe by himself (อย่าถอดผ้าเหลือง). He has often discussion with another Luang Phi, who had a sad childhood. His mother Pin hanged herself in the cloister, where San is now staying. Pin used to live in front of Fai's house. Pin used to love a monk but this love was impossible (บาป). Per local superstition, she should reincarnate in a hungry ghost. San decides to flee with Fai. The crazy guy was a Buddhist abbot and had an affair with Pin (อาบัติ - offence). As she hanged herself, the abbot buried her. He also killed Luang Phi, Pin's first son, to silence him. Following the crime, he becomes crazy being tormented by Pin's ghost. San needs to choose if he wants to be a holy man (นักบุญ) or a sinner (นักบาป). Luang Phi body is finally discovered and cremated properly. His half-brother is the now current abbot. San decides to stay in the monkhood.

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