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อุโมงค์ผาเมือง นางยั่วสวาท
อุโมงค์ผาเมือง นางยั่วสวาท

Year: 2011

Thai title: อุโมงค์ผาเมือง นางยั่วสวาท
English title: The Outrage

Rating: 5/5
Director: Pantewanop Tewakul

Main actor: Ananda Everingham,Phongphat Wachirabanjong,Mum Jokmok,Dom Hetrakul,Mario Maurer
Main actress: Chermarn Boonyasak

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A young monk Anoon goes to visit his father as wandering monk (พระธุดงค์). He recalls his life while walking home. He remembers his twin brother, Anan, whose wife died while delivering a baby. He wishes to disrobe (สึก) as he lost abilities to find answers to people regarding life. While wandering in the forest, he meets a noble couple on horse and palanquin. The husband is found later dead in the forest. Bandit Singkham is caught. Before being sentenced, he narrates the story. Bandit (โจรป้า) Singkham, seeing the beautiful lady in the palanquin, wishes to have her becoming his wife so he needs to get rid of the husband Khun Seuk (Ananda Everingham). He claims to have some golden swords to sell. It is a trick to knock out the husband and then kills all guards. He rapes her in front of the husband and she takes pleasure at it. He doesn't kill them but the lady complains the bandit doesn't give credit to their rank (เกียรติ). Singkham finally releases the husband and offers him a duel to avenge his honor. Despite being a strong swordsman, the husband is defeated by the smart forest bandit. During the trial, the wife also narrates her story. She was the daughter of a domestic servant. Khun Seuk was fond of her because of her beauty and married her four years ago. Following the rape, Khun Seuk desigrates his wife. She is no longer worth causing her heart to broken as she is not responsible of this event. Did she kill her own husband as she claims? The tribunal uses a medium to know the truth from the spirit (ผี). Khun Seuk's wife asks bandit Singkham to take her with him and to kill Khun Seuk also (ใจดำ). Singkham refuses to do so. The wife flees. Singkham releases Khun Seuk but he cannot stop crying knowing his wife treachery. He finally kills himself. Who is telling the truth? A domestic helper Prasok passing by during the event finally tells the truth. The wife denigrates Singkham refusing to go either him or glare him. To proof his worthiness, the wife Sampai asks him to defeat Khun Seuk in a fight. Khun Seuk refuses to fight with Singkham as it is below his status. He complains his wife still remains a low level woman (ลูกคนครัว) as she accepted the rape instead of killing herself avoid him to lose face (ขายหน้า). Sampai remains alone as both men refuse to take her anymore. Both of them are not real men (ไม่ใช่ลูกผู้ชาย). Following a duel, Khun Seuk impales himself. The one getting the blade was Prasok himself to sell it to get money for his poor family. Prasok and the beggar teach the young monk a lot on humanity. The young monk finally stays in the monkhood. Movie "Kon Khon" (คนโขน) was Thailand's submission to 2012 Academy Awards. It was a controversial choice because of lack of critical acclaim and box-office success. Movie อุโมงค์ผาเมือง นางยั่วสวาท / The Outrage was not chosen as it is a remake of Akira Kurosawa's award-winning "Rashomon" (1950). “Rashomon" was translated into Thai by the statesman MR Kukrit Pramoj. The movie includes Buddhist themes related to jealousy, greed for women or for jewels, lies, human behaving like animal (สัตว์), hatred, ire, lie, lazy, simulation, cowardliness, weakness towards women cries, death, unhappiness (ความทุกข์), status of high people (ผู้ดี). Greed causes to lose finally everything.

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