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หลวงตา ภาค 1
หลวงตา ภาค 1

Year: 1980

Thai title: หลวงตา ภาค 1
English title: The old monk

Rating: 4/5
Director: Permpol Choei-arun

Main actor: Jatuphol Poopirom,Lor Tok,Rong Kaomulkadee,Krailat Kriengkrai,Thuam Thoranong
Main actress: Supansa Nuengpirom,Mayurachath Muarnprasitivej,Tharika Thidathip,Juree Osiri

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Thai movie หลวงตา ภาค 1 / The old monk was released in year 1980 and lasts 2h13mn (according to Five Star Production website). It was released under multiple formats, a beta-max version (2h01mn), VCD version by Solar (2h02mn), VCD version by BKP (2h05mn), DVD version by BKP (2h05mn), a True Thai Film cable TV version (1h48mn). A remastered version was released during decade 2010s by Five Star Production. Movie director is Permpol Choei-arun. This movie shows the importance of Buddhist abbots in Thai society. Luang Ta (Lor Tok) is an abbot in a Thai Buddhist temple. He is taking care of children (เด็กวัด) given to the temple as the parents are too poor to take care of them. During childhood, young boy Long often deal with stubborn Chuk and Ek. Long (Jatuphol Poopirom) and Ek (Rong Kaomulkadee) are now grown up. Mae Choi (Mayurachath Muarnprasitivej) is Long's mother but she is ashamed (ผู้หญิงขายคัว) so she doesn't disclose who she is. Long is like orphan (ลูกกำพร้า) under the responsibility to Luang Ta. Fighting between Long and Ek occur as Ek always tease others but they remain friends. Luang Ta teaches (สั่งสอน) them continuously. Long is accepted in school army and Ek is accepted in police school. Mae Choi dies. Luang Ta organises a funeral being the main sponsor (เจ้าภาพ). The undertaker (สัปเหร่อ) discloses she worked in a brothel (ซ่อง) before. Young lady Duangjai (Tharika Thidathip) stays in temple as she has nowhere to go. She has little education as her parents thought primary studies were enough. Luang Ta complains that girls should study also and not only do home chores. She regains trust in herself and learns new skills but after a while Luang Ta tells her it is time to leave as it is not correct for a lady to stay in a temple where only men are present. Lom, without parents and who has always lived in Buddhist temple, is in love with a young woman called Wan (Supansa Nuengpirom). Her high society parents (Thuam Thoranong and Juree Osiri) don't want a poor groom. On top of this, they are worried about impacts on their lineage. Lom decides to go at the Thai border as he knows this love is impossible. Wan clashes with her parents, who are more worried about old symbols such as status, fame, lineage instead of their daughter happiness. By reading newspapers, Luang Ta learns that Duangjai made a successful wedding. Pushed by Wan, her parents visit Luang Ta to learn more about Lom. The abbot gives them the whole story. The parents are concerned about gossip as Lom is prostitute's son but Luang Ta reminds them that skills and good personality are not linked to lineage but to own ability. Ek is proud to announce to Luang Ta that he is now police captain with 3 stars. Luang Ta complains that multiple stars don’t make people more intelligent. Lom is injured at the border and is sent to hospital. Luang Ta decides to visit him but two robbers (including Krailat Kriengkrai) enter in the Buddhist temple. They kidnap Luang Ta. Surrounded by police led by Ek, they have to endure Luang Ta's sermons (โดนเทศน์ไม่ไหว) so they finally give up and surrender. Long is back to the temple to visit Luang Ta with his wife Wan as her parents have agreed to the wedding.

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