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Year: 2011

Thai title: ศพไม่เงียบ
English title: Mindfulness and Murder

Rating: 5/5
Director: Tom Waller

Main actor: Sithao Petcharoen
Main actress: Natalie Glebova

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An expensive Mercedes car driven by a young couple hits a motorbike causing the driver death. A call of the father to the police inspector makes him to release the son. Police inspector seems disillusioned. A dead body is found in the temple with a carrot in the mouth. Police is called. The same police inspector is coming. The police inspector doesn't want to investigate on such case as it is only a poor temple boy (เด็กวัดยากจน) who died. A senior monk called Ananda (หลวงพ่อ), who is a former policeman, decides to investigate why this young man called Noi died. Some monks are smoking in the temple and look like ruffians with their numerous tattoos. Luang Pho Ananda gets Noi’s remaining belongings and finds a note with a name. Some monks believe Noi was involved in drugs (ติดยา) as he has an expensive brand new phone. Luang Pho Ananda finds Noi’s aunt and discovers Noi had a sad life with a mother who hang herself. The temple abbot is giving advice on lottery numbers. Luang Pho Ananda has to investigate while continuing performing his duties (prayers, morning alms round). Luang Pho Ananda finds that one of the monks has left suddenly the Buddhist temple. So this monk called Bandit Tho becomes a suspect. Luang Pho Ananda also meets a Bangkokpost journalist investigating on drug traffic in his temple. Inquiry is also going on foot prints found near the dead body and a hand writing style. Luang Pho Ananda questions many monks including a monk smoking, another monk from Chiang Rai who slept with naked Noi as he felt lonely. There is difficulty to investigate in the Buddhist temple as the secret tradition remains strong. Luang Pho Ananda has to chase from the temple compound some youngsters selling drugs. It is found that Bandit Tho was an uncovered policeman investigating on drugs traffic in the temple. The expensive Buddhist amulet found on Noi's body is coming from Chiang Rai. It is weird as Noi was coming from Isan area. The abbot was aware of drug selling but kept the secret to avoid bad publicity to his temple. Noi's body has cigarette butt scars so it looks like he has been tortured before being killed. During Noi’s body creation it is found that it is not Noi’s corpse but Bandit Tho’s body, i.e. the monk who disappeared! Noi’s body is found inside the crematorium. it looks like somebody wished to burn incognito the two bodies at same time. Luang Pho Ananda is always accompanied with a young disabled temple boy called Jek. Luang Pho Ananda discovers that Bandit Tho was not a real policeman so causing ire to the local police head who threatens the abbot to stop donations to the temple. A dangerous snake is put in Luang Pho Ananda’s room. Despite all these threats, Luang Pho Ananda identifies the killer. His life is saved thanks to the young temple boy’s dedication. It is a great thriller Buddhist movie very realistic regarding life in a temple by showing bad things but also good things. It is good that the movie was not censored despite showing bad monks behavior. It got a 15-plus rating. It is a sign that Thai movies censorship is evolving. In 2006, Thai movie “Syndromes and a Century” (แสงศตวรรษ) was censored for much less controversial parts!

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