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หลวงพี่เท่ง 3
หลวงพี่เท่ง 3

Year: 2010

Thai title: หลวงพี่เท่ง 3
English title: The Holy man 3

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Krissada Sukosol,Note Chernyim,Akom Preedakul,Koeti Aramboy,Der Doksadao
Main actress:

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Noi decides to enter the monkhood (บวช) and rejects his rock star attitude. He is looking for calm (เอาความสงบ) as he is a stressed man. The abbot reminds him the analogy between a hose splashing randomly due to water pressure and the spirit always wandering. Funny gags happen when monks are going out for alms (บิณฑบาตร) due to small size comic actor Koeti Aramboy trying to offer food to a giant monk or when a man is still jealous that his wife has a sweet spot for the abbot since decades. As usual there are flatulence jokes when spicy and sour food is given to monks. Robbers steal the temple bell (ระฆัง). Later they come to steal the Buddha head (มาขโมยพระ). Monks are all drugged but hopefully the main Buddha statue (หลวงพ่อ) is not stolen as it is too heavy! The gang leader is a burlesque Chinese vendor. He uses false claims regarding the monks that they enter monkhood while leaving pregnant women behind them. Noi is smart enough to counter their lies. Actor Akom Preedakul is playing a funny Thai boxing trainer bringing coyote dancers to the temple! Similar to 1980s-1990s decade comedy ghost movies, there is an sequence about villagers fleeing ghosts. Unfortunately the Buddha statue head is cut and stolen by the Chinese gang. The giant monk disguises himself as soft real Bouddha statue (Luang Pho Nim - หลวงพ่อนิ่ม) as a trick to find their cache. Then Noi asks his former bikers friends for help. They are led by Ed carabao, real leader of famous Thai band Carabao. The robbers are captured and the Buddha head recovered.

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