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9 วัด
9 วัด

Year: 2010

Thai title: 9 วัด
English title: Secret Sunday

Rating: 5/5

Main actor:
Main actress: Penpak Sirikul

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Nat has a blondish girlfriend Poon. She has often ghosts visions. They get an invitation to go to Chiang Mai. On the way, they stop to visit Nat's mother. Nat's mother has a bad dream. She frequently visits temples and would like her son to make merit (ทำบุญ) in nine temples (9 วัด). Nat needs to clean his karma by doing merit. There is a strong opposition between the old style mum (แม่โบราณ) and the young modern woman, Poon. Nat finally accepts his mother's request. He meets a monk, who was a childhood friend. The monk goes with them for the nine temples visit. Nat and Poon are young and modern youngsters, who don't know religion and how to show respect to monks (They always call him 'phra' - พระ - instead of 'Luang Phi' - หลวงพี่). Nat doesn't give respect to Buddha images (ไม่ไหว้พระใหญ่). They don't understand why the young man is going for the forest way of life (ธุดง) and how he can sleep in cemeteries (ป่าช้า). Nat is always hot tempered (ใจร้อน). Many warnings are given to them through visions and through the monk's remarks (ช่วยไม่ทันยิ่งทรมานเปล่าๆ). They face death, face accidents, see dead people and ghosts. Those are warnings to them. It is linked to their karma (กรรม) and they cannot escape it. Poon asks the monk's help but Nat refuses to believe up to the point they break up. They are followed up by terrible actions linked to her past. In previous life, they were linked to a young disfigured boy set prisoner in a remote forest hut by his mum as he killed her lover fearing to lose his mother. They finally get reunited and bring the monk to destination. Nat, Poon and Nat's mother share the same past and all come to the same house where the young boy was held prisoner. They need to do more merit (กุศล). The monk and Nat are born the same day. The mother tried to deceive the karma (หลอกกรรม) by interchanging the babies. Her real son is the monk. But the karma cannot be escaped. However it can be altered (กรรมเปลี่ยนไม่ได้แต่แก้ไขได้). Karma is following us (กรรมตาม). The monk is protected from karma by his yellow robe (ผ้าเหลือง) but not Nat. So he is the one to suffer. The monk pays for the past sins through redemption (ชดใช้) by giving his own life so the karma is over. Nat, Poon and the mother are being reunited as a family. The movie features a nice fresh soundtrack.

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