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Year: 2006

Thai title: มากับพระ
English title: The Golden Riders

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Noppadol Duangporn
Main actress:

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One novice, one young man and one lady are in a train heading to Chiang Rai. The novice is going to famous Buddhist temple "Wat Tham Pa Archa Thong" where monks ride horses. The lady, called Tengmo, is heartbroken and goes back to her parent's home. She is the daughter of a local district officer. The young man called Phon has been laid off and is going for a break. The novice is from Bangkok has difficulty to get used to the life inside the temple. The abbot is very demanding. He is working with the two young people to teach local mountain people to get rid of debts but the local district officer doesn't appreciate their action. This comedy illustrates the decline of the role of Buddhist monks as sacred and unchallengeable in Thai movies. The abbot is still a model but his monks sometimes forget the Buddhist rules through a comic way. The local district officer combines with a former soldier, who claims he has hidden gold ingots inside the ground where the temple is now built. Pressure is done on abbot to move his temple to another location but finally no gold can be found. The gold was found previously by a monk and used to build a big Buddha statue (same story as Wat Traimit).

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