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Year: 1990

Thai title: เพชรผ่าปืน
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Sorapong Chatree,Chaiyan Sorakrai
Main actress: Sinaporn Philailak

Phet (เพชร), former hitman (มือปืน), receives an offer of 100 000 baht to kill one man. He shall shot Kamrung (คำรน), rich (รวย) man with a high position (ระดับ). It is the last time he wants to be involved in such killing. With his brother Porn (พล), they take care of their old father. There is a land title issue so Phet needs money. Phet shots successfully Kamrung. He sees Sophi, Kamrung's mistress, and falls for her. Kamrung's daughter Yuwadee (ยุวดี) wishes to know the truth about her father’s death. The heritage needs to be shared between Sophi and the daughter. Porn, who is a journalist, helps her to investigate on the truth but a mysterious hitman tries to kill Yuwadee. Porn is able to help and save Yuwadee. It looks like Sophi would be the main beneficiary regarding Kamrung's death. Phet visits Sophi at nighttime. Heritage decision gives the house and land to Yuwadee but Sophi can stay until Yuwadee is married. The money and jewels have disappeared from the safe. The lawyer is corrupted by Sophi. Some ruffians put pressure on the newspaper editor to push Porn to stop investigating. Sia is the leader of the ruffians linked to Sophi. Sia hires Phet to kill his brother. Phet cannot do that and finally only the editor is shot in order to scare away Porn. Porn now knows his brother is involved. Sia sends ruffians to kill Phet as he cannot be trusted anymore but they fail. Sia's ruffians now try to kill Porn to stop the investigation. While rescuing his father, Porn is ambushed (วันนี้ตายแน่) but rescued by Phet. Sophi suggests to kidnap Yuwadee to catch the two brothers. Sophi plays men vs men (lawyer, Phet, Sia) using her charms. Porn needs Phet, the hitman, to testimony as a witness in order to accuse Sia. Yuwadee kidnapping fails thanks to Porn. The two brothers finally fight when they meet. Bad people pay for their sins as Sophi is shot by Sia and Sia is shot by Phet. There is a final duel between the two brothers and their father. Phet refuses to surrender to the police (ทำผิดต้องรับผิดชอบ) and prefers to die. Sorapong Chatree seldom plays the bad guy so it is interesting to watch this small low cost budget movie with a “Brother vs Brother” scenario, i.e. the good guy vs the bad guy even if Phet is only a bad guy forced by life circumstances (น้องมือปืน).

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