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มือปืน กระดูกเหล็ก
มือปืน กระดูกเหล็ก

Year: 1981

Thai title: มือปืน กระดูกเหล็ก
English title: Iron Bone killer

Rating: 3/5
Director: Payoong Payakul

Main actor: Sorapong Chatree,Nard Poowanai,Dam Datsakorn,Porjed Kaenpetch,Lak Apichat,Phairoj Jaising,Sithao Petcharoen
Main actress: Thitima Sangkapitak,Supansa Nuengpirom,Moeifa

Thai movie Iron Bone killer / มือปืน กระดูกเหล็ก was released in year 1981. It is directed by famous action movie director Payoong Payakul. It lasts 1h56mn. While driving back from an underground casino, Kit Meka (Sorapong Chatree) finds a dead man lying on the road with a pod full of money. Kit gets shot and injured by two men but succeeds to flee after shooting them. Another car chases him. He takes refuge at a doctor's home but the ruffians do a rampage there. He finally ends up in a neighbouring house where a young enthusiastic lady welcomes him warmly. He leaves to go to funeral of his friend Phi Kamnan Pan. He meets Seua Tot (Nard Poowanai) and Moeifa there. Kit escapes to ruffians again and is rescued by a young lady called Pim. The ruffians' leader, Pho Luang (Dam Datsakorn), is upset that his men are not able to catch Kit named as มือปืน กระดูกเหล็ก so he has to be involved himself. Pho Luang's girlfriend is called Taorung (Thitima Sangkapitak). Porjed Kaenpetch, playing a policeman, is investigating on the ruffians' activities. Pim is the niece (หลานสาว) of Seua Tot. Lak Apichat is part of Seua Tot's team. Kit helps Tot betrayed by one of his teammates. Meanwhile Pim is disfigured and raped by Pho Luang's ruffians. Seua Tot promises revenge. Tot takes revenge on Pho Luang's mother. They also kidnap Pho Luang's wife Taorung and ask for 500 000 baht (ผู้นรก) ransom. Pho Luang and his men chase after them. They take refuge in a Christian village (หมู่บ้านศาสนา). Kit and Seua Tot's team diverge and split. Seua Tot’s team falls into an embuscade and Seua Tot is left for dead. Fed up to always been chasen, Kit decides to counterattack. Kit shoots Pho Luang's men and through a final fight, both Pho Luang and Kit fall from a cliff but only Kit survives. Ot (Phairoj Jaising) takes over Pho Luang’s illegal business. Some ruffians led by Ot try to kill Kit. Kit ends up facing the policeman Pat (Porjed Kaenpetch). Pat is former lover of Taorung and still loves her. Taorung’s heart is still split but promises forever love to Kit (ดวงเดียว). Meanwhile Kit only sees himself as a staff of Taorung. He meets Farung (Supansa Nuengpirom) and asks her father (Sithao Petcharoen) to teach him Thai boxing. Ot and his men decide to get rid of Kit. Pat chases the ruffians and ends up in a duel with Ot. Kit helps Pat before Ot can shot him. Seua Thot also saves Kit but dies, being shot by Ot. All ruffians being neutralized, Kit ends up with both Taorung and Farung.

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