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Year: 2010

Thai title: มือปืน/ดาว/พระ/เสาร์
English title: Saturday killer

Rating: 4/5
Director: Yuthlert Sippapak

Main actor: Suchao Pongwilai,Chusak Aiemsuk
Main actress: Sirin Horwang

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Tee Rifle is a hitman. He is shy with ladies. He likes to walk or run around Bangkok even passing by the Red Shirts barricades! As he is a hitman, he likes to wear wick to change his appearance. He has some sexual control issues with his little bird (ลูกพ่อ) when a beautiful woman touches him such as the gym dance teacher, Chris, whom he loves her secretly. He visits a doctor to get medicine but as the medicine fails and the doctor refuses to give back the money, he takes revenge over the doctor. The gym dance teacher has arguments with her father regarding green and purple clothes colors. Her father is the political leader of the Green Shirts. There is sarcastic irony and allusion from director Yuthlert Sippapak regarding the Yellow and Red Shirts fights in Thai modern politics. With Tee Rifle, the hitman symbol is demystified as he feels guilty each time (รู้สึกผิดทุกที่). Tee Rifle meets Chris in a bar and presents himself as Mark. Tee Rifle is hired for a new job. He shall shoot all the green leaders including Chris’ father. A second medicine fails to recover his little bird (ฉันไม่ใช่กะเทยแต่ผู้ชายโชคร้าย). Political leaders use violence. Win hatred with hatred. Is it the solution to political problems? Brown, purple, green political parties. All leaders are shot by Tee Rifle. The next job is to shoot Chris! The hirer is the wife of Chris' boyfriend. Chris was not aware that her boyfriend was married already! She still meets Mark at the same usual bar and a friendship starts. Tee Rifle shots Chris’ boyfriend to close the dispute! Thanks to a good friend, Chris is aware that Tee Rifle shot her father so she wishes to take revenge. Tee Rifle is recruited for a new contract. The target has rent a hotel for his birthday. Chris knowing that the hitman will act and so she enrolls herself as a coyote dancer to be able to catch him. Seeing Chris dancing lively, Tee Rifle has a control crisis and cannot execute his job. Chris now knows that Tee rifle and Mark are the same man. Following some shooting into impressive unfinished 1997 villas, Mark succeed to escape from Chris. Chris finally catches him in a Christian church. She spares his life not because of love but because Thai politicians are the real responsible. Thailand would be a better place without politicians so as a hitman, she shoots all Thai politicians leaders! This movie mixes comedy and action. It also gives a strong social message regarding politicians that are judged responsible of the current mess in Thailand (Yellow Shirts versus Red Shirts). It features a funky soundtrack. “Saturday killer” is part of a trilogy including “Sunday Killer” and “Friday Killer”.

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