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อก 3ศอก 2กำปั้น
อก 3ศอก 2กำปั้น

Year: 2007

Thai title: อก 3ศอก 2กำปั้น
English title: Fighting Beat

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Yodchai Meksuwan,Khaosai Galaxy
Main actress:

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Khaem is a temple boy (เด็กวัด) living on Phi Phi island. He is helping a monk, Luang Pu (Yodchai Meksuwan), every morning during alms. His father was killed by ruffians when he was still a kid. He is working for Uncle Fot (former Boxing champion Khaosai Galaxy). Uncle Fot has two daughters, i.e. Deuan and Dao. To make a living, Khaem and his friends are bringing tourists for daily diving sessions. During evening they organize fake Thai boxing matches to attract customers in their open bar. Khaem practises Muay Chaya style. One night, some ruffians bring troubles to them. Ruffians led by David wish to buy the bar but Deuan's father refuses. Ruffians get pushed back severely. Khaem continues his learning with a new teacher as Muay Thai is only for self-protection or to protect people under threat (คนเดือดร้อน). Finally while Khaem is away with Luang Pu, the ruffians succeed to convince the father to give away the bar by threatening his daughters. Khaem is now back and willing to take back the selling promise. David is helped by a strong fighter just released from prison. This man is the one who killed his father before.Dao is kidnapped. Final thrilling fights are happening between Khaem and the ruffians.

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