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Year: 2006

Thai title: มนุษย์เหล็กไหล
English title: Mercury man

Rating: 3/5
Director: Bandit Thongdee

Main actor:
Main actress: Metinee Kingpayome

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Ruffians are looking for powerful sacred amulets in Tibet. They succeed to steal them despite the opposition of a guardian lady called Purima. There are a cold and a hot amulet. In Thailand Charn is a fireman. He always tends to follow his own intuition instead of following orders from his boss. A corrupted prison guard lets the same ruffians enter a prison to free a dangerous inmate. Those ruffians use the amulets power to achieve their evil goal. Their intervention causes a fire inside the prison so firemen are called. Charn is injured by the ruffians. The inmate is a dangerous terrorist muslim that wishes to defy America. Charn realizes his body characteristics have changed following the injury he got from the ruffian using the amulets. He has now super powers. The lady guardian Purima finds Charn and explains to him how to control his powers. Charn's brother makes a Spiderman like superhero costume for him. Charn captures robbers, uncontrollable elephants, rapist, helps young beggar kid having issues with a drunken driver, college students fights. Those are many ills happening in modern Bangkok. The ruffians kidnap Charn's mother to exchange her versus the amulet but the amulet is inside Charn's body. The terrorists wish to explode an US boat containing chemical weapons as they believe Americans will use these weapons in the Middle East. They plan to blow the whole Sattahip area and they do not mind about children visiting navy boats on Children's day. Charn, his brother and Parima fight the ruffians to prevent the ship explosion. This movie is a well done movie with good fx compared to Thai standards. This martial arts action film is made by the same team, who did Ong Bak and Tom Yum Goong so it was a good candidate for movie export. Depicting muslims as the bad guys is certainly a very sensitive issue with current political situation in South of Thailand. Charn's brother is played by Nong Tum, whose real life was depicted in movie Beautiful boxer. Charn's brother (Nong Tum) is a katoey (กะเทย) with fighting skills and ironics repartees about his known condition.

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