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Year: 2005

Thai title: เสือคาบดาบ
English title: The Tiger Blade

Rating: 2/5

Main actor: Phongphat Wachirabanjong
Main actress:

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Tiger Blade is like a B serie movie based on manga style. A secret police unit member called Yos is attacked by ruffians while in his home. Using his expert fighting skills, he succeeds to get rid of them. He chases the ruffians up to a disco. Police tries to arrest them but their leader Mahesak has special supernatural fightings skills thanks to sacred tattoos. Yos asks to work with young lady Duangdao. This gang of criminals with supernatural powers, led by Mahesak, releases a rebel Karen warlord Phunphan (Phongphat Wachirabanjong) out of prison. They target to steal the national treasury of Thailand in order to fund Phunphan's fight against Burmese junta. The secret police unit, led by Yost, fights the criminals in various battles. Yos and Duangdao are fighting against strong opponents. They need to use magic to defeat them so Yos succeeds to get a mysterious blade (ดาบ) from a Thai Buddhist temple. Only this blade allows getting rid of criminals protected by sacred tattoos. Various fightings happen and two main criminals are neutralized. Phunphan told Yos that Duangdao is a traitor in his team. Uten is finally the real traitor. An impressive karts chase happens in Bangkok. A bank robbery is organized by Phunphan. Finally multiple treacheries happen as the big amount of money attract many people. Yos, Duangdao and Phunphan stop the criminals and money is given back to Thailand except one bag kept by Phunphan! It is a movie fully packed with action scenes but the scenario is a bit complex to follow.

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