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Year: 2016

Thai title: วานรคู่ฟัด
English title: Monkey Twins

Rating: 4/5

Main actor:
Main actress:

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Thai movie วานรคู่ฟัด / Monkey Twins was released in year 2016 and lasts 1h43mn. Young man Neua is selling coconuts and is having a smart monkey. Neua has issues with local ruffians. He luckily gets help from a young lady called Lin. So has been released from prison thanks to the bad influence of his father, trying to become local deputy. So has an old debt against Neua and tries to have him killed a few times. Lin's father doesn't want Neua to meet his daughter. The father had two daughters, Lin and Apple. He believes Neua has some responsibilities in his eldest daughter's death. A friendly policeman always protecting Neua is seriously injured by ruffians. A friend recommends Neua and his grandfather (ปู่) to leave the place temporary. Lin's father wishes her to sing Chinese Opera like her elder sister Apple did but she likes martial arts much more (ร้องงิ้วไม่เป็น). Neua wishes to learn real Thai boxing from his grandfather but this latter is worried he cannot learn properly as he has always bad temper. Seeing that Chinese opera as no success, Lin’s father opens a restaurant featuring martial arts performance involving monkey fighters. Characters are played by Lin and Neua. During an accident in a pub a few years ago, Apple died. During fighting, Neua thrown alcohol bottle causing a disfiguration to So so he is still looking for revenge. During those shootings, Apple received a lost bullet. Ruffians try to kill the grandfather and also to disrupt business in the restaurant. This time, So kidnaps the grandfather and also Lin in order to attract Neua. Fierce fightings do happen between Neua, Lin and So's henchmen. So injures Neua and Lin but finally gets defeated. So ends up in jail again and his father's reputation is forever tarnished so getting him to commit suicide. Neua and Lin continue to do art martial shows in the restaurant.

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