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ดุ ดวล ดิบ
ดุ ดวล ดิบ

Year: 2012

Thai title: ดุ ดวล ดิบ
English title: Fighting Fish

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Suchao Pongwilai
Main actress:

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Mike Thomas arrives in Bangkok for the first time and wants to discover Thai boxing (มวยไทย) at Lumpini stadium. On the way back, he gets robbed despite strong resistance. Out of money, he needs to sell his watch to a pawnshop. He meets Yo while fleeing police due to illegal betting. Yo has an handicapped girlfriend called Toon following a car accident. He needs money to cure her. Mike is a former Thai muay boxer, who quit his own country as he killed accidentally another boxer during a fight. Mike needs to find a job so asks Yo to help him. Yo brings him to a Thai boxing ring (สนามมวย) with no rules. Yo has to participate to get money. There are hidden heavy bets behind. Mike wishes to participate and wins his first match. Suchao (Suchao Pongwilai), mafia leader, likes his style. Mike's financial value in underground betting boxing world starts to go up after a few winning fights. Mike wishes to enter the fighting fish contest in order to gain 1.3M baht and help to cure Toon. The opponent is a strong fighter called Mad Dog. Same as Siamese fighting fishes contest, the rule is that the loser is killed after the fight is over. Yo asks to join to protect Mike as it is a deadly fight. He replaces Mike and gets defeated by Mad Dog. On the verge to be executed by the mafia thugs, he fights back and flees. Unfortunately Toon is kidnapped by the mafia. Mike and Yo has to rescue Toon from the mafia led by Suchao. Following impressive fightings, the mafia and its leader are defeated by Mike and Yo but Mike dies while protecting Yo and Toon.

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