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โคตรสู้ โคตรโส
โคตรสู้ โคตรโส

Year: 2010

Thai title: โคตรสู้ โคตรโส
English title: Bangkok Knockout

Rating: 3/5
Director: Panna Rittikrai

Main actor: Panna Rittikrai,Sorapong Chatree
Main actress: Supaksorn Chaimongkol,Pimchanok Leuwisetpaiboon

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Mr Sneed, a despising foreigner, and Dr Dachanon, head of arts performing department, are organizing a fight contest. Pod is the leader of one team called “Fighting Club” (Ao, Ed, Pom, Lerm, Ko, James). Two teams fight for a ring. The winning team will go to Hollywood. Pod's team celebrates their victory. But due to strong alcohol flooding during the celebration party, they have arguments with the waiters. They wake up with no phones, no cars, no motorized vehicles. They have been drugged. Some ruggedised cars try to smash them. Meanwhile Joy is kidnapped. Joy is Ram's daughter (Sorapong Chatree). Two men loves Joy, i.e. Pod and Pom. Kidnappers are masked and wear ninja clothes. They are led by Parina (Panna Rittikrai), an old art martial expert. In fact it is a wargame organised by Dr Dachanon to test the team and verify if they are really true friends. Mr Sneed is getting international gamblers to bet big money on the best fighters to win. It is game up to death. The action takes place in a disaffected factory. Ao and Ed win against three opponents. James and Pom move to the wrong side due to money matters. Strong group fights take place and finally the “Fighting Club” team wins. A final fight against master Parina happens. Pod's mum is held captured to influence him negatively. Anyway they defeat the master as he needs some respiratory medicine. A final epic fight happens on moving trucks. Gamblers are also punished. Panna Rittikrai trained actor Tony Jaa so fights are always intense and real. Some acrobatic jumps on motorbikes or high jumps from buildings are really impressive. The movie scenario is simple but Panna Rittikrai’s fans want to see true fights only. This movie is similar to video game concept.

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