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จังหวัด 77
จังหวัด 77

Year: 2003

Thai title: จังหวัด 77
English title: Province 77 Los Angeles

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Pete Thongjure
Main actress: Metinee Kingpayome

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It is dealing about Thai people emigrating to USA. Most of them start to settle in Los Angeles in an area called "Thai town" or the Thai 77th province as many Thai people live there. A father with three children is facing issues with his restaurant. He still wants to apply Thai traditional values, but his eldest daughter is living with an American man and his son is frequenting a local gang. Only his youngest daughter still try to follow his advice. The father hires a new Thai immigrant in his restaurant. This man is a former cop who has come to put an end to criminal gang. Through confrontation with the local gang, the Thai family unifies again. Since the 1970s, "Thai town" area has been the gateway for Thai immigrants coming to Southern California. Of the 50 000 Thai residents in Los Angeles County, a good portion are believed to live around "Thai town".

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