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Year: 1997

Thai title: มังกรเยาวราช
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor:
Main actress:

Thai movie มังกรเยาวราช was released in year 1997. It lasts 1h13mn. Probably the movie has been cut or censored as this is an unusual movie length. Some movie showcards show some hot scenes deleted or censored from the movie. Actors/actresses include สุนิต กฤษณะโชค and บุษรา ชลาสัย. A man called Mangkorn protects Sia. As Sia refuses to pay protection fee, fighting occurs between Mangkorn and ruffians. Upset, the mafia wishes to force Mangkorn to meet them but Sia asks Thai police to manage. Two ruffians are killed so the mafia shoots Sia as retaliation. Mangkorn has to find a new job. He works in a print shop but the old manager brings trouble. Mangkorn and his friend Ae have to intervene again. Sequence in dance show. The print shop owner, Sia Tookae, needs to pay protection fee to mafia but his daughter Lin is fed up by this practice. The former manager kidnaps Lin and asks for a 2M baht ransom to Sia Tookae. Mangkorn promises to help. Mangkorn and Ae succeed to release Lin. So they win Sia Tookae and Lin's trust. Tia will be 60 years old soon so he plans to hand over his company to his daughter (ดูแลงาน). Lin asks support from Mangkorn and Ae. They add a new singer, friend of Ae, in the cafe. They refuse to pay the protection fee to mafia anymore so the restaurant is strafed. Sia Tookae recommends to continue to pay the fee to avoid bigger problems. Mangkorn and Ae get rid of the mafia leader (เจ้าพ่อ) but they have to quit Bangkok to avoid Police. They refuse money for having killed the mafia boss as it is a good action towards the district. Meanwhile they become guardians of underground casino (คุ้มบ่อน). Nit, a friend of the singer, convinces Ae to quit Mangkorn and to join her casino. Mangkorn and Ae split (เพื่อนร่วมตาย). Seeing her casino unsuccessful, Nit convinces Ae to put the mess in the casino protected by Mangkorn. The two friends become rivals. Through a final fighting, all of them die.

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