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ล้างเมืองคนดุ 2
ล้างเมืองคนดุ 2

Year: 1997

Thai title: ล้างเมืองคนดุ 2
English title: Dangercity II

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Panna Rittikrai,Pao Porapak
Main actress:

Thai movie ล้างเมืองคนดุ 2 / Dangercity II was released in year 1997. It lasts 85mn. It was released under VCD format by Thai company Lepso but it doesn't feature a very sharp picture. It was also released under VHS format many years ago. Before dying, a father recognizes he kidnapped his two children, Paopan and Ai, when they were just born. Many years passed. Ruffians attack a resort under construction. Police inspector Prai (สารวัตรใจเพชร) (เผ่าไท พรพิสิฐ) uses a plane to arrive on site and gets support from Police officer Paopan (เผ่าพันธุ์ พรพิสิฐ). Ruffians are pushed back and flee in the jungle. Panna Rittikrai is one of the ruffians’ leaders. Police officer Paopan has to ordain (บวช) to honor his father memory. Shootings do happen during the ordination ceremony as ruffians are looking for revenge. Police inspector Prai chases the shooter up to an outdoor cinema (หนังกลางแปลง). Prai asks Paopan to stay calm and to continue being a monk. He will manage the ruffians by himself. The big boss Choomporn is looking for war weapons (อาวุฒิสงคราม). Phayak (Pao Porapak), as hitman, is hired to get rid of other ruffians’ opponents. A young man, called Ai, (ไอซ์ พีระพัฒน์ - his first movie) comes to visit the monk, his younger brother. His target is to catch the ruffians. The resort’s owner is kidnapped by Panna and his ruffians during his birthday celebration. As the owner refuses to collaborate, the leader Choomporn asks Phayak to kidnap the daughter. The young man, part of CIA, meets Prai and they start working together. The daughter is kidnapped. The supermarket owner Ploy, Prai’s sweetheart, is also kidnapped. Police inspector Prai, police officer Paopan and the young man Ai finally storm the camp. Panna, Phayak and the leader Choomporn are killed. There is an excessive use of action as the heroes always succeed to escape the grenades and bullets but it remains a full action-packed movie targeted for Thai provinces. Other actors and actresses include สกุลตา. Dangercity I was released in year 1992. The movie Dangercity II got four Thai cinema awards in 1997.

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