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ปีนเกลียว 3
ปีนเกลียว 3

Year: 1997

Thai title: ปีนเกลียว 3
English title:

Rating: 4/5

Main actor: Krissanapong Rachata,Jai Juntamooltreem,Tony Jaa
Main actress:

Thai movie ปีนเกลียว 3 (Jai Juntamooltree, ประภาพร สุนารถ, Krissanapong Rachata) was released in year 1997. It lasts around 1h18mn. A man called Son (Jai Juntamooltree) quits the Buddhist monastery and Luang Pho tells him to always keep cool temper. A Buddhist amulet helps him to stay calm under any circumstances. He is a former Thai boxing champion. Biaw, a tough man, prevents the workers to work. He hits all the men and promises to come back. Son arrives in this company to meet an old friend called Khaek. The owner’s brother is a ruffian and asks for half of the paternal house. The company owner refuses as he respects his father’s decision and the brother already got a lot of money previously. Biaw is now working for the ruffians' leader. Tony Jaa, assistant of a bigger ruffian, is playing a gay fighter. Taem is the beautiful daughter of the company owner. Biaw is back to prevent workers to work again. Son refuses to fight with him. Biaw finally leaves as Taem threatens to call the police. While Taem and his friends (Kaew, Kam) are visiting a temple, Biaw intervenes again. Son get severely beaten by Biaw as he refuses to fight. Kaew or Taem both start to like Son. Who will get Son's love? Taem brings Son on her motorbike. While they are eating a noodle soup, the ruffians arrive again. Humiliation continues but as one of the ruffians tears off Son's Buddhist amulet, Son gives them a harsh lesson as he is not hindered anymore by his promise to Buddha. It is Taem’s birthday. Having a small gift compared to Kam, he doesn’t dare to join the birthday party. Taem asks Son to teach her Thai boxing. The ruffians intensify their attack and now use guns to shoot the workers. Khaek, Son’s close friend, is killed. The business is stopped. Taem is kidnapped but Son is following the kidnappers through a motorbike. He is captured in the ruffians' den. The ruffians mock him (ดอกฟ้ากับหมาวัด). Final fighting happens with ruffians through gun, rifle shootings and Thai boxing. Son defeats Biaw, Tony Jaa and finally the big boss. As usual, there is full action in movies directed by Panna Panna Rittikrai's team (138/1 production).

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