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18 ฝนคนอันตราย
18 ฝนคนอันตราย

Year: 1997

Thai title: 18 ฝนคนอันตราย
English title: Bullet Teen

Rating: 5/5

Main actor: Sorapong Chatree,Suchao Pongwilai,Pongsak Pongsuwan
Main actress: Naowarat Yooktanun

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Dong (โด่ง) is released from prison. His friend Tor (ต่อ), his brother Ta (ต๊ะ) and his girlfriend Ploy are waiting for him. Ta is mute. They work in a family garage repairing cars. Ta and Dong try to become good teens now. They also try to have happy love stories but fights often happen with local gangsters. Dong loves Ploy, sister of Kong, a local gangster leader. One day Ta’s girlfriend Ying is gang raped in front of him by four men from Kong's gang and Ta cannot help. Revenge is inevitable. They storm Kong's gambling den. Following gun fight, one of the ruffians is shot dead. It turns badly (ทางที่ไม่ต้องการ). They kidnap Kong's girlfriend as protection ( ตัวประการ) and also grab a bag containing money and amphetamine drugs (ยาบ้า). Police is involved through inspector Sarawat (สารวัตร), who is wearing amazing colorful “Luk thung” clothes. The father is disappointed by his sons (ลูกชั่ว). The teens are misunderstood but they cannot turn back anymore. Kong is chasing them for the bag not for his girlfriend. Veteran actor Sorapong Chatree is playing the bad corrupted cop. He seldom plays bad guys. Veteran actor Suchao Pongwilai is playing the honest cop Vilai. It is ironic that he plays the rightful policeman this time as normally he always plays the corrupted official role. Things get out of control. Kong and the inspector try to catch them. Following a gun fight, a policeman is shot by the corrupted inspector and the teens get accused again. There is no rightful law in this modern society. There is a 2 millions baht reward to catch them. Ta is injured. Even Ying is endangered in the hospital. They help her on time and bring Ploy as nurse to take care of Ta. Ta leaves a love message for his father (ผมรักพ่อ). Surrounded by the police, they have to jump from a Bangkok bridge. Vilai starts to notice the close relationship between Kong and Sarawat. They take shelter in the Christian church in Thonburi. Kong attacks the parents’ house. The father is injured and Ta dies. Only Dong and Tor are left but Ploy prevents them to rush for revenge (ใช้่อารมณ์). Forced by Kong, Ploy refuses to leave for Hong Kong. Relations get sour between the police officer and Kong. The police officer kidnaps Kong's young brother to get a ransom. During the exchange, Dong and Ta irrupts causing a mess and gun fights between all. The movie then features 15 last minutes of intense action and bloody scenes. It ends tragically for all protagonists. The movie song is sing by Seua Thanapol (เสือ ธนพล). Due to 1997 Asian financial crisis, the movie didn’t perform as good as it should have at Thai box office (25M baht).

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