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Year: 1996

Thai title: ตัณหาสาวพันธุ์โหด
English title: Sexy Savage Woman

Rating: 3/5

Main actor:
Main actress: Darin Kornsakoon

Thai movie ตัณหาสาวพันธุ์โหด / "Sexy Savage Woman" was released in year 1996 and lasts 1h16mn. It was released under VCD format by company APS. It is probably censored. Thai actors and actresses featured in this movie are Darin Kornsakoon, นิพนธ์ ยูนิพันธ์, หยาดฝน ชลธิดา, วีระ ระรื่นรมย์, พยัคฆ์ รามวาทิน, พงษ์ไพร เพชรดำเนิน, สุริโย มโนรมย์, ศรีประภา วงศ์สาโรจน์, พงษ์ยศ อรัณยปาล, บิลลี่ หงัด, กวง มาเก๊า, ไชว์ ช้างไทร. A young man, named Niphon, is back just on time for his wife's funeral. The father Kampon refused that his daughter Ann married with Niphon (นิพนธ์ ยูนิพันธ์). The daughter Ann (Darin Kornsakoon) was upset that her father had a new wife. As her father Kampon refused to break up with his new wife, she drank a poisonous drink. Ruffians shoot Niphon but he jumps from a bridge and disappears. Ruffians believe he is dead. The father has taken revenge as he believes Niphon is responsible of his daughter's suicide. Niphon is not yet dead and and while being injured, he recalls his childhood. His family was visited by ruffians. Ruffians wished to buy the family land, but the father refused. They shot the father and mother. The kids had time to flee. Niphon was separated from his younger brother. Uncle Ta helps Niphon, who is injured following his fall from the bridge. Eung (Darin Kornsakoon) has the same face as Ann. Eung is a relative of Ta. The ruffians' leader has a big ongoing deal. The goods are stolen by mysterious attackers. The leader Kampon suspects there is a traitor among them. Ta discloses that Eung and Ann are twins. When they were kids, Kampon killed their parents but only succeeded to kidnap Ann. Niphon has to take revenge against Kampon as he is responsible for his parents' deaths and causes Niphon to be separated from his younger brother. Niphon tries to kill Kampon but he fails. He gets injured in the leg. The younger brother is now working for Kampon. Niphon recognizes two hitmen working for Kampon and who killed his parents. The hitmen shoot Uncle Ta. They try to abuse Eung but she shoots them. Knowing the truth through Uncle Ta's death, it is time for Eung to get revenge over Kampon. Niphon's younger brother identifies Niphon as his lost elder brother as Niphon sings a song, he used to listen to when he was a kid. Eung, Niphon and his lost younger brother fight together to defeat Kampon.

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