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Year: 1996

Thai title: คนดิบเหล็กน้ําพี้
English title:

Rating: 3/5
Director: บรรลุ ศรีแสง

Main actor: Krissanapong Rachata,Panna Rittikrai,Jai Juntamooltree,Tony Jaa,Kim Zaa
Main actress:

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Thai movie คนดิบเหล็กน้ําพี้ was released in year 1996 and lasts 1h15mn. It was released under VCD format by Lepso Company. Movie director is บรรลุ ศรีแสง. As usual with Panna movies, it features impressive action scenes and comic sequences. Fights are shot in pure Panna style, featuring slow motion replay of impressive action sequences, real action sequences without stuntmen, dubbed sequences to make the movie more entertaining... All Panna’s teammates (ทีมงาน) are playing (Krissanapong, เตี่ย, กิม, Tony, Jai...). It was Tony Jaa’s first official important role. In previous movies, Tony Jaa just had minor roles. Krissanapong Rachata is married to young lady Molee (วิภาวี แววตะวัน). Their Isan village is remote and lacks electricity, running water and a proper school. As there is no progress, villagers have to go to Thai administration to complain. Meanwhile six armed men (โจร) led by Panna Rittikrai and including Jai Juntamooltree and Tony Jaa (พนม ดงรัก / จา พนม) enter the village. They want to control this local area. They perform a rampage and kill all villagers. Molee is raped and killed by one ruffian. Krissanapong is looking for revenge. Ruffians cannot be killed as blades cannot hurt them due to mystical tattoos. Another village sends men to help but they are all killed by Panna. Villagers have the choice between surrender (ยอมมัน) or die. Two villagers (including Kim Zaa / กิม) have the mission to alert Thai police. They are killed by Tony and Jai. Krissanapong is about to defeat the ruffian, who killed his wife, but Tony intervenes and kills Krissanapong. A holy Brahmin priest, wandering around and aware of the murders, decides to intervene. He resurrects Krissanapong and gives him a magic weapon able to hurt the six ruffians. He provides two assistants (including เตี่ย แจ่วบอง) to Krissanapong. Krissanapong and his two assistants challenge the six ruffians. Following epic fights, ruffians are defeated. The village leader asks Krissanapong to replace him as new village leader, but he refuses as he has to leave this world to rebirth.

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