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หนุ่มห้าว สาวร้อน
หนุ่มห้าว สาวร้อน

Year: 1996

Thai title: หนุ่มห้าว สาวร้อน
English title: Die Hard in Pattaya

Rating: 3/5

Main actor:
Main actress:

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Thai movie หนุ่มห้าว สาวร้อน / Die Hard in Pattaya was released in year 1996 and lasts 1h10mn. Part of the movie is probably cut or censored. It was released under VCD format by Lepso Company. Thai actors and actresses featured in this movie are สมิต กฤษณะโชค, หยาดรุ้ง อร่ามเรือง, วิภาวี แววตะวัน, ยุทธนา เดือนแจ่ม, บี๋ นัยนา, ภัทราพร พิมพ์จันทร์, หม่า ออน, ยงค์ อยุธยา, คมกฤษณ์ สิทธิพร, อ.สมชาย เขื่อนขุนทด, น้อย-ออย. A lady named Nancy steals a jeep from two ruffians. She refuses to give back the car despite the ruffians call her on the mobile phone left in the jeep. She talks to a man called Taksin and asks him for help (คู่บารมี) to neutralize a drug gang. Romance starts between them. Drug exchange occurs but ruffians keep both the money and drugs. Taksin is looking for her sister. Chat is introduced as policeman. Ruffians try to threaten a cafe. Chat and Taksin help but head of ruffians (เจ้านาย) is upset that some people resist to his bad influence. Ying is kidnapped. She is the cafe owner’s daughter. Ruffians ask for 2M Baht ransom. Taksin accepts to help Nancy in order to clean Pattaya and to find his sister. The big boss is looking for young girls. They get drugged to be docile. Taksin finds Yot, who is responsible of the kidnapping of his sister. Taksin is aware that his sister is located in Pattaya Tai. Yot succeeds to flee and brings Ying to his boss. Ying is beaten and imprisoned with another lady. The ruffians find the car and kidnap Nancy despite fierce resistance. She is imprisoned with Ying and another woman named Bee. Taksin is worried as Nancy is not back. Taksin and Chat drive around Pattaya. While the boss is away, the girls succeed to flee thanks to Nancy. They hit the ruffians remaining behind. Ruffians have to change house. Policeman Chat tries to capture them, but they left the house already. Luckily, they see the jeep and follow it. They disrupt a drug exchange in a dockyard. Ruffians are shot. Thai society gets a respite as ruffians have been neutralized. Nancy disappears as mysteriously as she arrived.

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