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Year: 1996

Thai title: สามสาวตะวันเพลิง
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Sorapong Chatree,White Padungkan
Main actress: Darin Kornsakoon

Thai movie สามสาวตะวันเพลิง was released in year 1996 and lasts 1h18mn. It was released under VHS and VCD versions. It was released on VCD by company APS. Hot scenes are censored so the remaining movie part lasts only 1h18mn. Border police led by Peuk (Sorapong Chatree) tries to catch traffickers led by Ton (ไวท์ ผดุงการ - White Padungkan) but they succeed to flee. Head of the police is upset with Peuk as he always fails. Three young ladies (Darin Kornsakoon, วิภาวดี รพีพันธ์, แสงดาว พรรณมณี) arrive in the remote city. They have issues with local ruffians. During a fight, one of the ruffians die accidently (รังแคผู้หญิง). Local subdistrict headman follows them (ตามไป) and asks Peuk to catch them. As their car is damaged, the three ladies flee through the forest. Peuk's leader is in fact helping the ruffians by providing insider information so no wonder that Pleuk's missions always fail. Ton wishes to get rid of the police leader as he shares only 60% with them. The three ladies plan to take refuge in a remote area and wait that the situation gets calm. Peuk arrests them. They meet Ton and shootings happen. Peuk escapes but the three ladies are captured by ruffians. Noi (Darin Kornsakoon) is Ton's former girlfriend. She broke up with him two years ago as he didn't want to stop being a ruffian. Local subdistrict headman is following behind. The three ladies need to escape from Ton but also need to escape from local subdistrict headman. During the escape, only two ladies Noi and Neui succeed to escape. The third one Noui is recaptured by the ruffians. The two ladies are back to release Noui (เป็นเพื่อนรัก). Peuk's boss is confirmed to be a corrupted policeman by the district sub headman. The ladies want to get justice, get back their money to start a new life and revenge (แก้แค้น) as Noui raped by the ruffians. The movie ends up in multiple shootings between Ton's ruffians, the three ladies, the subdistrict headman and his men, Peuk and his boss. Only Peuk and the three ladies survive. This is a grade B action movie targeted for Thai provinces and featuring action, a bit of erotism, a bit of humour.

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