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เพชร 7 เหลี่ยม
เพชร 7 เหลี่ยม

Year: 1987

Thai title: เพชร 7 เหลี่ยม

Rating: 3/5
Director: สมหมาย คำสอน

Main actor: Sorapong Chatree,Phairoj Jaising,Lak Apichat
Main actress: Thida Thidarat,Chutima Kawinla

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Thai movie เพชร 7 เหลี่ยม / OPERATION VIETNAM was released in year 1987 and lasts 1h29mn. It was released under VCD format by company Lepso. It is a transfer from VHS to VCD. It was also sold under name ตัดเหลี่ยมเพชร. Erotic scenes are not censored. Movie director is สมหมาย คำสอน. Thai actors and actresses featured in this movie are Sorapong Chatree, นีรนุช อติพร, Thida Thidarat, Chutima Kawinla, ชาตรี มณีวรรณ, Phairoj Jaising, Lak Apichat, พิชิต, กนกพร, บรรพต, ทวน, ชีวิต, สมุย. Mercenaries Taisan and Tongchai are hired to bring back an expensive family lineage jewel from Vietnam to Thailand and to give it back to the owner in Bangkok. Young lady Venbin is joining them. They have to cross Cambodia and face dangers in the jungle. One morning, Tongchai disappears with the jewel. Taisan chases after Tongchai (คนทรยศ). Taisan dies during a fight with Tongchai. Venbin falls from a cliff to escape from Tongchai. Jewel owner, Prasong, is upset by this news. Sukit, his wife and his daughter Tida (Thida Thidarat) are also concerned as they were waiting for their family jewel. Sukit needs to involve Thai police. Meanwhile inmate Kritchai (Sorapong Chatree) is just released from prison. Young lady Nissa (Chutima Kawinla) picks him up. Kritchai meets Prasong (Phairoj Jaising) and is hired. Thai police assign Chatree (ชาตรี มณีวรรณ) to this case. Tongchai is inviting singer Saeng Dao to his table in a nightclub. Tongchai visits Sukit and asks for 20M THB to give back the jewel. Ruffians try to get rid of Tida but fail. Meanwhile Prasong stays with his lover Chutima. He is sending a ruffian, called Waew, to get rid of the family owning the jewel. It fails again. Tongchai is back to the bar to listen to Saeng Dao singing and offers a diamond ring to her. Kritchai and policeman Chatree are monitoring him. Chatree takes a picture of Tongchai to verify his identity first. Prasong's team includes Kritchai, Chot (Lak Apichat) and Nissa. Father, Tida and her friends go for a ride. The father is shot and killed. Prasong is suspected. Nissa tries to seduce Thongchai in order to get the family jewel. She proposes a meeting with her boss Prasong to organize a money exchange. Tongchai and Prasong's team meet but suddenly Thai police storms in. Heavy shooting occurs and ruffians are neutralized. Kritchai helps as he is on Thai police side. Thai government gives back the diamond to Tida. Romances happen between Chatree and Tida, between Kritchai and Saeng Dao.

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