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Year: 1994

Thai title: กำนันเสือบางนกแขวก
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Sorapong Chatree,Pao Porapak
Main actress:

Thai movie กำนันเสือบางนกแขวก was released in year 1994 and lasts 1h28mn. It was released under cable TV. This movie is part of the last movies where Sorapong Chatree was still the main actor in Thai action movies. He was 45 years old already so Thai directors also tried to introduce new younger actors such as เผ่าพันธ์ พรพิสิฐ. Four ruffians commit a deadly robbery and flee by speed boat. Subdistrict headman Seua (Sorapong Chatree) chases them and shoots them. Young lady Manao is aggressed by Sia Lek. The village leader, her father, chases him. Teacher Rataya is also aggressed by Sia Lek and his teammates. New deputy district office (ปลัดอำเภอ) Han (เผ่าพันธ์ พรพิสิฐ) is nominated in this area. Surapon is a local leader. Boats have to pay a regular fee to him in order to be able to run business. A new bridge is going to be built so Sia Surapon tries to make it failed as it will jeopardize his business. Most of the villagers have debt with Sia Surapon (อิธิพลคุม). Han and Seua join to get rid of Sia Surapon. Subdistrict headman Seua forbids such illegal business. As retaliation, ruffians try to shoot him at nighttime. Sia Lek tries again to aggress Manao and the teacher Rataya but luckily Han and Seua help. Cheut and Phi Chit (Pao Porapak) have debts to Sia Surapon linked to their parents, who lost their land title, as they couldn't read the paper they sign. Sia Surapon hires Cheut to bomb the bridge. About to press the detonator, Cheut refuses as the teacher Rataya and children are crossing the bridge. Fighting erupts between Cheut and Sia Surapon's ruffians so Cheut has to flee. Cheut shares information about Sia Surapon’s dirty business with Han. Cheut is shot by Surapon’s ruffians and Han is captured but he refuses to join Sia Surapon. Sia Lek captures the teacher Rataya and Manao. Subdistrict headman Seua is aware. Subdistrict headman Seua and the village leader storm the hangar. The village leader is shot. Subdistrict headman Seua releases Han and then the two ladies. Subdistrict headman Seua and Han then face Sia Surapon's ruffians. Heavy shootings occur. Ruffians are neutralized.

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