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Year: 1994

Thai title: อินทรีแดนเถื่อน
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Bin Banleurit,White Padungkan
Main actress:

Thai movie อินทรีแดนเถื่อน was released in year 1994 and lasts 1h25mn. It is available under VCD format with an average picture quality. Lepso company released it but changed the name to โคตรนักเลง. Movie director is ศักดิ์มรกต. Actresses and actors featured in this movie are Bin Banleurit, สรัญญา สัมพันธ์สุวรรณ, ทรรศนีย์ ศรีพิจิตร, White Padungkan, โอดา อาบทิพย์. An expedition occurs in the jungle and is led by Tot Ton (White Padungkan). A single man Dong, used to jungle fighting, attack them and kills them one by one. Injured, Tot Ton is rescued by a lady, called Kratae, living in a village located in the jungle. Strangers are not welcome in the village (คนแปลกหน้า). Tot Ton finds children playing with pure gold stones (ทองคำบริสุทธิ์). He must leave the village but promises to come back. Later, young strong man Lio Daeng (Bin Banleurit) defeats Dong. He is Kratae's husband and is also the village leader. Lio Daeng is a strong fighter (วิญญาณนักสู้). Tot Ton and other teammates (Ita, Fan...) are back for the gold. Ruffians kill villagers to get their gold. Ruffians wish to know where the gold is coming from. Lio Daeng is aware that the village was attacked. Only Lio Daeng knows where the mine is. Ruffians try to kill him but to no avail. Lio Daeng is captured by Ita following a fight with White. Dong helps him to flee but gets killed. Ruffians head to the gold mine and keep Kratae as hostage. Lio Daeng attack them. Ita uses Kratae as a bait to attract Lio Daeng. An earthquake occurs and gold falls from the small hills surrounding the mine. Ita and Fan kill each other as they don’t want to share the gold. Lio Daeng gets rid of White but it is late for his wife...

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