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Year: 1994

Thai title: เพชรพันล้าน
English title: The Diamond

Rating: 2/5

Main actor: Sorapong Chatree,Dam Datsakorn,Chat Mongkolchai
Main actress:

Thai movie เพชรพันล้าน / The Diamond was released in year 1994. It lasts 1h20mn. In the opening sequence, Sorapong Chatree name is translated as Robert Cha Tree! Ruffians leaders are having a meeting (Phi Pat - Dam Datsakorn with no moustache, Chat Mongkolchai, Pracha) about sharing the profit of a 1000 diamonds traffic. The plan fails as the diamonds are stolen (เพชรพันล้านถูกปล้น). Each leader suspects the other groups. Chat tells Phi Pat that Pracha is involved. Meanwhile, Chit (Sorapong Chatree) gives a letter to Pracha’s younger sister as he is not at home. Pracha is kidnapped. The sister suspects Chit. Chit promised to his mother to be a good guy as taxi driver and quits Pat's team. Phi Pat kidnaps his mother to force him to work for him. The sister visits Chit but she gets molested as he is drunk. He promises to take responsability of everything. Meanwhile Phi Pat’s business is failing again as some diamonds are stolen again. Phi Pat suspects Chat this time as Pracha is out of action. Meanwhile the sister storms Phi Pat’s house to release her brother Pracha but it fails. Phi Pat gets proof that Chat is a traitor so he storms his house but Chat succeeds to flee. Both Pat and Chat wish to get rid of each other. Phi Pat uses Chit to transport and exchange diamonds. Chat brings the mess and steals the diamonds thanks to a traitor (หักหลัง). The sister finally frees her brother Pracha. Pat asks Chit to get back the diamonds and to kill the traitor in order to get his mother released. Pracha and his sister succeed to release the mother and all together get rid of Pat and Chat. During decade 1990s Sorapong Chatree was still the main actor of some action movies targeted for countryside. Being 45 years old already, most of action scenes are played by other actors.

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