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อสูรกาย คนไม่ใช่คน
อสูรกาย คนไม่ใช่คน

Year: 1993

Thai title: อสูรกาย คนไม่ใช่คน
English title:

Rating: 2/5

Main actor: Panna Rittikrai,Krissanapong Rachata,Sompop Wong Ko,Kim
Main actress:

Thai movie อสูรกาย คนไม่ใช่คน was released in year 1993 and lasts 1h22mn. It was released under VHS format. Kam and Panna Rittikrai are both novices (ลูกศิษ) of deceased master (อาจานร์). Panna and Kam have a fight as Kam claims Panna and the master were always unfair to him. Kam is defeated and flees. He is helped by an uncle and his daughter. He claims to have been attacked by robbers (โจรป่า) to get pity from them. The uncle provides him a methodology to become invincible, but he needs to spend one year in meditation. Meanwhile a group of friends including Krissanapong Rachata decides to spend good time in Loei area. Krissanapong meets there his uncle (Sompop Wong Ko). They cannot enter in the forest as it is deemed as a dangerous place. Finally, they convince the village leader (นายเจริญ สาดา) to let them go there. They are doing camping in the forest. They face another group led by Kim (กิม) trying to rob them. There is extensive comedy part in this action movie. The father is killed as Kam wakes up one year later after meditation. He has become an invincible monster with a green face. Her daughter wishes to revenge. Fighting occurs with the robbers. A few friends and robbers are killed by the monster (ผีดิบ). As they cannot defeat him, the first advice is to flee (หนีไป! Finally, they unite together to defeat the monster (ตัวปิศาส) but it fails. Panna comes back and brainstorms with the lady to find a solution. Krissanapong reuses the same herbal plants to become invincible and be able to fight again the green monster. He finally succeeds to defeat him.

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