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Year: 1992

Thai title: เจ้าพ่อทรหด
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Sorapong Chatree,White Padungkan
Main actress:

Thai movie เจ้าพ่อทรหด was released in year 1992 and lasts 1h22mn. It was released under VHS format. It was produced by outdoor cinema Company Charoen (บริการหนังกลางแปลง เจริญการช่างภาพยนตร์) in Sri Saket. Owner was Mr Hom (คุณพ่อหอม โสระเวช). His company projected movies in outdoor places (Buddhist temple annual fair, family events...) and also produced movies for standalone theaters. They even produced a movie about Mr Hom, i.e. เจ้าพ่อทรหด featuring Sorapong Chatree and ดวงเดือน. At the end of the remaining 35mn film, there is a sequence featuring the real Hom (นายหอม โสระเวช) and his cinema company. The sequence is showing Mr Hom’s family, the vehicles projecting films, the huge projection screens... Mr Hom died on 14 October 2012. Hom started as a kid having a dream. With only 12 baht he started washing dishes in a noodle soup shop. Hom kept money until he could open a small business of repairing watches. Finally, he opened an outdoor cinema business. Unfortunately, business conflicts erupted and Hom was shot in the back. But he was not killed. He ended managing one of the most famous outdoor movies company in Isan region. Hom has a watch repair small business and outdoor cinema company in Sri Saket. Ruffians led by Padung are bringing trouble in the city. Minibus owners (รถสองแถว) have to pay an illegal fee (ค่าคิว) requested by ruffians but drivers refuse. Hom (ดวงเดือน) found Padung is involved in many illegal businesses. When Hom plays dice, he realizes game is tricked. Fighting happens as Hom accuses ruffians of cheating. Manit (Sorapong Chatree) helps Hom being outnumbered. Manit and Hom sympathize as Manit also has an outdoor movie company in Bangkok called Kulab Tip movies. Village Chom refuses to sell his land to ruffians. Padung (White Padungkan) intervenes and shoots him. Hom accuses Padung's ruffians to have killed Chom. Padung tries to recruit him and asks for a protection fee. Hom refuses and so becomes a troublemaker for Padung. A Molam orchestra event is organised by Hom. Drunken ruffians bring troubles. Hom is shot by Padung. Hom may not be able to walk again. He has to use wheelchair. Hom has a family. Bosom is Hom’s wife younger sister. Pradum decides to get rid of Hom by hurting his wife Rat. She is shot by a hitman during outdoor cinema performance. Manit comes to the funeral. Padung also comes to defy Hom. Padung's ruffian tries to kill Manit but he fails. Hom thinks about marrying Bosom. Padung hires Hom's outdoor cinema to perform in a Chinese cemetery to pay respect to ancestors. It is a trick as ruffians capture Bosom. Hom and Manit storm Padung’s place. Heavy shootings occur. Both Manit and Hom are seriously injured but ruffians are all killed. Hom and Bosom finally marry.

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