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Year: 1991

Thai title: พยัคฆ์ภูผา
English title:

Rating: 3/5
Director: สมหมาย คำสอน

Main actor: Samat PhayakArun,Dam Datsakorn
Main actress: Thida Thidarat

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Thai movie พยัคฆ์ภูผา was released in year 1991 and lasts 1h22mn. It was released under VCD format by Lepso Company. Movie director is สมหมาย คำสอน. Thai actors and actresses featured in this movie are two new actors บรรจง พงษ์ษา and วิทยา กลิ่นขจร, ทวน, เหม, เซอร์ปิโก้, ธรรมศักดิ์, ภัคคิณี, เพชร, ลิม, พล, จรัญ, new actress ปัทมา ทิพย์ดารา. Maew hill tribe Pitip (Samat PhayakArun) is chased by members of another hill tribe. He gets help from two Thai villagers (Buri and Piano), coming from Bangkok and doing cultivation (ทำไร). The attackers retreat and give feedback to their leader Pho Tao (Dam Datsakorn). Mayee (Thida Thidarat) is Pho Tao's daughter. They attack again Pitip and the two men but then retreat unwilling to enter deeply the jungle knowing Pitip's skills. Hill tribes Maew Dam (แมวดำ) and Maew Daeng (แมวแดง) are enemies for many years. Vida is Pitip's sister. Pitip meets Mayee, his girlfriend. Young lady Nam Fong is accompanying her. Long Li defies Pitip as he is upset that Mayee prefers Pitip to him. He is defeated and promises revenge. Buri is injured. Lam Fong, fond of Buri, visits him at nighttime. The next day Long Li agresses Lam Fong but Mayee helps her. Lam Fong goes with Vida to accompany the two Bangkokian guys back to their home. Pho Tao is upset and is looking for his daughters. Pitip helps the Bangkokian guys so Pho Tao must retreat. His daughters refuse to go back (ไม่ยอมกลับ). Pitip's father, head of the village, is shot by Long Li. A villager, called Bai, kidnaps Vida to abuse her but he gets killed by Long Li. Being evil, Long Li also tries to abuse Vida but hopefully Pitip is helping her. Meanwhile Pho Tao's men capture Buri and his friend. Following a winning duel against a hill tribe villager, Buri and his friend Piano are released. Pitip gets grenades sold by a local shaman. Pho Tao forbids his daughters to go to the opposite village anymore and prepare to attack it. The two villagers’ groups fight against each other. Pho Tao's wife releases her two daughters following advice of the local shaman (หมอผี) that only her daughters can stop the killing. Grenades help to neutralize Pho Tao's men. Pitip is about to defeat Pho Tao and revenges his father but Mayee stops him announcing that Long Li was the mastermind. Long Li is killed. Peace is back between the two villages and Pho Tao does not prevent the love between Pitip and Mayee anymore. Romance also happens between Buri and Lam Fong, between Piano and Vida.

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