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เจาะนรก 2 ตอน ดิบกระแทกดิบ
เจาะนรก 2 ตอน ดิบกระแทกดิบ

Year: 1991

Thai title: เจาะนรก 2 ตอน ดิบกระแทกดิบ
English title: Angel of death part 2

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Panna Rittikrai,Chat Mongkolchai
Main actress:

เจาะนรก 2 ตอน ดิบกระแทกดิบ (Angel of death part 2) movie was released on a VCD manufactured by Thai company Lepso. It is coming from a VHS copy. The image is not sharp and the sound is weak. It is lasting 1h24mn. A man is followed up by a group of heavily armed thugs wishing to kill him. They seem invulnerable. He gets defeated and his sword is left behind in a cave. Panna (Panna Rittikrai) is a police inspector (ผู้กอง). Three thugs attack an hospital. They have big tattoos on the body. They also don't die when got shot. So Panna has to use a car to smash them. After investigation, the thugs were officially dead for one week already... In the jungle, Supree (Chat Mongkolchai) is leading a team attacked by some ruffians as Supree gave orders to warn the police regarding those invulnerable men. Some amazones are playing in a river. They are attacked but saved by Supree. Panna follows up bank robbers and defeats them again with difficulty and discovers that the robbers are dead since one month. A colleague suggest they are zombies (ผีดิบ). A legend mentions a village near the border where shamans have special powers. Panna decides to go at the border to this village. Supree's grandfather made this potion but it is now used in a wrong way. Supree and his amazones including his daughter get attacked by the zombies. Panna helps Supree's daughter. Supree is injured and captured. While fleeing the zombies in a cave, Panna finds the special sword. Only Supree knows the special herbs (ยาสมุนไพร) and refuses to disclose the secret despite being beaten by the zombies leader. The leader wishes to use the potion in a wrong way to become rich. Panna helps to release Supree. Police is coming to help and planes are bombing the ghosts. Panna defeats their leader through a final sword fight. Supree and his daughter are reunited. Panna Rittikrai’s movies are always full of action. Some fights or ideas were reused later in famous “Ong Bak” movie. It is a low cost movie with stunts jumping just after the explosions but it is still quite well done.

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