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Year: 1990

Thai title: เชือดเชือดเหน่อๆ
English title:

Rating: 3/5
Director: Panna Rittikrai

Main actor: Samat PhayakArun,Panna Rittikrai,Pao Porapak,White Padungkan,Sompop Wong Ko,Jai Juntamooltree
Main actress:

Thai movie เชือดเชือดเหน่อๆ was released in year 1990 and lasts 1h20mn. Panna Rittikrai is the movie director. Actors are Samat PhayakArun (สามารถ พยัคฆ์อรุณ - Thai boxer), Panna Rittikrai, อำนาจ อนุลักษณ์, เจริญ, Pao Porapak, White Padungkan, เฉลิมพร, Sompop Wong Ko, Jai Juntamooltree. The movie is shot in Khon Kaen district. A sacred black effigy is exchanged against money. Sompop (Sompop Wong Ko) and his boss become the new owners of the effigy. Ruffians (including Jai Juntamooltree) take back the money. Amnat (อำนาจ อนุลักษณ์) is shopping in a mall. Amnat, out of money, robs Sompop’s boss and steals the sacred effigy. Ruffians, led by Kop, want the dark effigy also but Sompop’s boss doesn't have it anymore. It is within Amnat's hands. The Khmer Rouge leader sends two members to Thailand as he doesn’t trust Kop. Back home, Amant finds two men (White Padungkan and เตี่ย แจ่วบอง) stealing his clothes. Ruffians are upset as they need the money linked to the black effigy to buy weapons. Meanwhile Panna and Pao Padungkan need to bring the sacred dark effigy back to their village. Multiple groups need the sacred effigy but for various reasons. Samat helps to release a young girl (ธัญลักษณ์ ราชธา) being kidnapped but he keeps the ransom money! Sompop hires Samat to get back the sacred effigy. Fighting occurs between ruffians, linked to Khmer rouge, and Amnat as they want the effigy back. Fighting occurs in front of former Prince cinema in Khon Kaen (โรงหนังปริ๊นซ์ ขอนแก่น). Amnat gets help from Panna and Pao. Later on, Amnat fights with Samat asking for the effigy. The effigy has disappeared as White and เตี่ย stole it. Multiple fights occur between the involved groups. Finally, Samat is the one to keep the effigy. He gives a copy to Sompop’s boss to get money and gives the original to Panna and Pao! Ruffians are neutralized.

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