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เกิดมาลุย 2
เกิดมาลุย 2

Year: 1987

Thai title: เกิดมาลุย 2
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Panna Rittikrai,Sompop Wong Ko
Main actress: Vanessa Sriwichien

Thai movie เกิดมาลุย 2 was released in year 1987. Only 54 minutes and a 3 minutes trailer are left to be seen. Lung Saen Fong (ทนาย) and Panna Rittikrai go to Bangkok by bus. Lung (ลุง) Saen Fong has some important documents to give to Panna. He also gives him a watch. The bus is attacked on the way. Lung Saen Fong is kidnapped and Panna beaten. As Lung refuses to speak, they believe the documents should be with Panna. Three ruffians defeat Panna to steal the documents. Looking for Lung Saen Fong, Panna sells the watch to buy some food as his wallet was stolen by the ruffians. Lung is from Hong Kong and speaks Thai. His daughter is looking for him. Panna gets an additional colleague (Sompop Wong Ko) to work on this case as his boss is not so happy of his performance. In a club, Saen Fong’s daughter and his friends show Saen Fong’s picture in case something remembers him. On the following day, one of the friend is attacked by ruffians but policemen (ตำรวจสกล) Panna and Sompop chase them away. Meanwhile the ruffians decide to drug Saen Fong and to transport him away. A chase happens in tuk tuk and cart but they fail to catch the ruffians. Later on, Lung Saen Fong escapes while a ruffian is sleeping. This is trick to find where the real documents are hidden. Ruffians defeat again Panna and Sompop. They also kidnap Saen Fong’s daughter called Anna (วรรณิศา ศรีวิเชียร). They have 3 days to provide them the documents. The documents are stored in a microfilm hidden in the watch. But Panna sold it to a dwarf before. He gave it to his father, who is not willing to sell the watch below 10000 baht! Following fights with the thugs, Panna and Sompop get the watch back. Finally final epic fightings happen between Panna / Sompop and the strong ruffians in order to release Anna.

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