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Year: 1989

Thai title: พยัคฆ์ภูพาน
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Sorapong Chatree,Pao Porapak,Pipop Pupinyo,White Padungkan
Main actress:

Thai movie พยัคฆ์ภูพาน was released in year 1989 and lasts 1h29mn. It was released under VHS and also under VCD by Lepso Ltd Company. Ruffians are blocking the road to the market and are asking for a passage fee (ค่าผ่าน). A black man, called Cha, is beaten as he refuses to pay. In (Pipop Pupinyo), as restaurant owner, is married to Da (ยีนส์ ศุภมาส). Da's sister, Saeng, stays with them (น้องเมียกู่). Klong (Sorapong Chatree) is stopping by In’s restaurant to have a drink based on 12 fresh eggs! He is selling coffins (ขายโลงศพ) because he heard many people are dying in this area! A fighting with ruffians happens as they ask him to leave the area. Local kingpin Nai Chawaen has bad business reputation. He is assisted by White Padungkan. Another ruffians' team is led Kraison and assisted by Pao Porapak. Nevertheless, both ruffians' teams meet for business. They suspect a third party is involved as business disruption is occurring. Saeng (มาริษา อุดมพร) is aggressed by ruffians asking for protection fee. Klong helps her. A romance starts between Saeng and Klong. One night, ruffians storm In's restaurant to kidnap his wife and sister in law. Klong helps again. Cha's uncle is shot by white's team. White puts the blame on Klong so that Cha wants to take revenge. Cha joins White's team. Paorak warns Klong proactively so Klong joins his team. Kraison is looking left-hand (มือซ้าย) to support him as he has already a right-hand (มือขวา) through Pao Porapak. Another money drugs exchange occurs between the two groups but it ends up with shootings again. Klong pushes them against each other. Nai Chawaen finally gets both money and drugs. Saeng and her sister Da are kidnapped to attract Klong. Meanwhile Kraison's team wishes to take profit to attack Chawaen's team. In brings additional support with policemen. Final battle occurs. Ruffians are all killed. Cha is also killed during the fightings. The area is now safe with both ruffians' team being neutralized.

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