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Year: 1989

Thai title: เหยียบเสือท้าสิงห์
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Sorapong Chatree,Dam Datsakorn,Chaiyan Sorakrai
Main actress:

Thieves (ผู้ร้าย) plan to rob a bank van. Pen (Sorapong Chatree) asks 40% of the gains. During the robbing, Pen is injured and left behind by his colleagues. He is captured by the police but other ruffians come back to shoot all of them to avoid leaving proofs behind. Mot (Chaiyan Sorakrai) is a policeman wishing to solve the bank robbers case. Pen flees from the hospital. Montri (Dam Datsakorn) is the ruffians leader. Pen has fight with his former colleagues and get support from Kum, his old friend. Later on, Kum gets beaten by Montri's ruffians. Kum is ready for revenge over Montri. Pen and Mot are brothers (สายเลือดเดียวกัน) so Mot is dismissed from this case by his superior. Mot wishes to catch his own brother. Pen did such job in order to pay studies for Mot, his younger brother. Pen didn't study high so he had to do such illegal activities to get money to pay for his young brother's education. Ruffians kill Pen's father as he refuses to disclose where his son is hiding. Police head uses a policewoman to make Montri fall. It is a failure and her life is saved thanks to Pen and Mot. Mot quits police. A mysterious informer keeps giving hints to the police woman. It is Mot pushing for this case to be solved. Surat is another ruffians leader behind. Pen protects Mot from behind. Montri is looking for fake money and contacts Surat. Police, ruffians, Mot and Pen all meet during the transaction. During final shootings, Pen sacrifices his life to save Mot. Mot finally understands that his brother was a good guy. This end of decade 1980s action movie is part of movies, where Sorapong Chatree getting older has to share the leading actor role with younger actors such as Chaiyan Sorakrai. Similar to Thai movie เพชรผ่าปืน (1990), Sorapong Chatree plays the bad guy forced by life circumstances and Chaiyan Sorakrai is his younger brother wishing to stop him.

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