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7 สาวดินระเบิด
7 สาวดินระเบิด

Year: 1989

Thai title: 7 สาวดินระเบิด
English title:

Rating: 3/5

Main actor: Bin Banleurit,Dam Datsakorn,Chat Mongkolchai
Main actress: Thida Thidarat

Thai movie 7 สาวดินระเบิด was released in year 1989 and lasts 1h30mn. It was released under VCD format and also VHS format. The former VHS release was migrated to VCD format. The image is pretty sharp. Ruffians led by Dam Datsakorn and Ko (Chat Mongkolchai) are shooting at Thai police led by Pukong Aki (Bin Banleurit). Ruffians succeed to flee. While fleeing through the forest, they storm a house, kill the father, rape his three daughters and then kill them. The fourth daughter, called Usa (Thida Thidarat), asks for Aki's support. She wishes to get revenge. She learns that Ko has a scar. She is selling insurance life in order to approach them. One of the men wishes to go out with Usa but she refuses. Upset, he goes with a young prostitute. The mamasan argues it is her first time. After having made love, she shoots him dead as a revenge of the three girls killed. Another of the ruffians is killed by a lady while repairing a car. Ruffians start to be more alert while Aki is also investigating those deaths. All those ladies are Usa’s friends helping for revenge (ล้างแค้น). Six ladies and Usa make a group of 7 ladies so giving the movie name as 7 สาวดินระเบิด (7 dynamite ladies). A third ruffian is killed by another lady (เด็กเวร). Ruffians start to be stressed and investigate on the relatives of the three previously killed ladies. One of the ruffians’ leaders sees their domestic helper called Wilai putting some special powder (ยาพิษ) in the food. Another lady helps Wilai on time. Aki suspects Usa to be involved (ความหวังดี) as all murders are related with women, who know Usa... One of the ladies, called Sawanee, injures one of the ruffians, who succeeds to flee. Dam and Ko are now aware it is linked to Usa. Usa is captured (เรามาใช้นามสกุลเดี่ยวกันดีกว่า) and the ruffians asks the six other ladies to surrender in order to spare Usa's life. Aki intervenes. Aki is captured by ruffians also. The six ladies storm the ruffians’ den but heavy shooting occurs. Ruffians are defeated but Sawanee dies by protecting Aki.

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