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Year: 1988

Thai title: สวย...เหี้ยม
English title:

Rating: 2/5

Main actor: Sorapong Chatree,Chat Mongkolchai,White Padungkan,Paen Pleumsachai
Main actress: Jarunee Sooksawad

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Thai movie สวย...เหี้ยม was released in year 1988 and lasts 1h37mn. It was released under VCD (1h37mn) and VHS format (1h33mn). Movie director is เสนอ คราประยูร. Young lady Pat (Jarunee Sooksawad) is out for taekwondo training. A piece of land is sold by her mother to build a school. Three young men steal the money from the mother and stab her. White Padungkan, as policeman, is investigating. Leader Amphon flees while Pat kills the two other men as revenge. White is chasing two men involved in the robbery. One succeeds to flee. Pat decides to go to Chiang Mai to rest a while and also to chase the third man Amphon. She meets her old friend Kaew (สุนิสา คราประยูร), being Klong's sister (Sorapong Chatree). Ruffians' leader In (Chat Mongkolchai) has issues with Klong as he refuses to sell land to them. In is upset as Klong challenges his authority. Kaew promises to help Pat (ล้างแค้น). While wandering near a waterfall, three men belonging to In fail to kill them. Thanong, Kaew’s friend, tries to declare his love to Kaew. Amphon, being In's young brother, is seen by Pat in Chiang mai. Ruffians follow them also (ตามไป) but fail to catch them. Thanks to an indication from Thanong, Pat and her friends storm a house where three ruffians are resting. White arrives in Chiang Mai. They chase after In preparing a drug deal exchange involving Paen Pleumsachai. Police brought by White intervenes. Ruffians flee. Finally, they are killed or captured by Klong, White, Kaew and Pat. Kaew is injured. As expected, Klong is an undercover policeman! Such kind of action movies was reaching its end of popularity in 1988 being outperformed by thrilling action movies from Panna Rittikrai.

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