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5 มนุษย์เหล็ก
5 มนุษย์เหล็ก

Year: 1988

Thai title: 5 มนุษย์เหล็ก
English title:

Rating: 3/5
Director: Payoong Payakul

Main actor: Sorapong Chatree,Pao Porapak,Phairoj Jaising
Main actress: Thida Thidarat,Chutima Kawinla

Thai war movie 5 มนุษย์เหล็ก / Brave and cruel was released in year 1988 and lasts 1h21mn. It was released under VHS format and also VCD format by Lepso Studio company. Movie director is Payoong Payakul. This movie was also released internationally under the name “Hell Hunters” by Filmark production. It was then mixing sequences from the Thai movie and original sequences shot in Hong Kong. Hell Hunters VHS lasts 1h18mn. IFD and Filmark used to buy uncut / unrated negatives that included alternate versions / shots, nudity and similar topics because they used those movies for international markets where censorship was different. Hell Hunters include nudity scenes removed from Thai VHS. Captain (ผู้กอง) Leuat (Sorapong Chatree) is leading Thai soldiers including Pao Porapak. They are attacked and have to retreat. Five soldiers are left only and they don’t have radio to ask for help. Mapree (Thida Thidarat) brings her mother, who is injured following village attack. She meets doctor Phairoj Jaising and nurse Chutima Kawinla. They plan to go back to the village to take care of other injured villagers. On the way to the village, the five soldiers stop the van and share it to reach village Nong Prai. All villagers are dead. The five soldiers accept to chase the attackers guided by Mapree and to release the missing villagers. Three foreigners, met on the way, join them, i.e Kellyann Kelly, David Klaper, Bernard Hindenberg. These three foreigners are not famous actors. It reminds "Gold" / "ทอง" movies by movie director Chalong Pukdeewichit. They also always included foreign actors but they were famous actors and the movies budget was much higher than “5 มนุษย์เหล็ก". The attackers storm another village. The foreigners' Thai families have been killed. Leuat needs to go with his men to a ralliement point. Through the small van, they continue their journey towards the attackers. The ralliement point is also attacked by the ruffians. Thanks to Mapree, they find where the attackers are staying. Despite being a small number, they decide to attack the ruffians. Thanks to a radio found at the ralliement point, they ask for renfort. Attackers are aware of this as they spy the radio waves. Heavy fighting occurs. The Thai soldiers win but one of them dies to protect his country (รักษาแผนดิน).

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