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Year: 1988

Thai title: รับจ้างตาย
English title: Employ For Die

Rating: 1/5

Main actor: Chatchai Plengpanich
Main actress:

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A former soldier thinks about his daughter, who is very sick. 100 000 baht are needed to cure her. A mercenary job is offered to him for 500 000 baht. He has 4 days to do the job. On the field in Laos, he is leading a team of 6 soldiers. They save a young lady, whose husband has been killed. She brings trouble inside the team as soldiers are fighting each other to seduce the lady. As she is indeed a spy, the leader killed her. Two soldiers die in traps in the jungle. They rescue a young lady held hostage in a village. They learn that their real mission is to capture a drug lord. But they are overwhelmed by the drug lord's tough men. They get tortured until the lady succeeds to rescue them on time. During the fight the drug lord, the soldiers and the lady are killed. The former soldier survives to see his daughter cured. This movie is surfing on the Rambo II wave that started in 1985. The montage sequence is very bad. Abroad, this movie is also known as "Cannibal Mercenary".

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