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Year: 1991

Thai title: ลุยทะลุฟ้า
English title: Young Angel

Rating: 2/5

Main actor: Panna Rittikrai,Chat Mongkolchai,Pao Porapak
Main actress:

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Thai movie ลุยทะลุฟ้า / Young Angel was released in year 1991 and lasts 1h29mn. It was released under VCD format by Lepso company. This small budget action movie is mixing humor and pure action. Leader Pao Porapak orders his men to get rid of leader Nai Pon. Pao sends a lady to kill him but a mercenary, named Feun Fa (Panna Rittikrai), intervenes first and kills all ruffians. Pao's team does not know who this mercenary is. Feun Fa meets an informer and follows him in the jungle. Feun Fa is attacked but pushes back his opponents. Feun Fa meets a Police captain, but this latter is killed. Feun Fa is an undercover policeman trying to destroy underground mafia organisations (องค์การใต้ดิน). Feun Fa is captured by a lady named Kim An. Chat Mongkolchai, new leader after Nai Pon death, is leading a secret organization conflicting with another organization led by Pao Porapak. Feun Fa succeeds in releasing himself and is now capturing Kim An. He forces her to lead him to their secret place. Feun Fa is attacked again by ruffians but defeats them. As Kim An is injured, Feun Fa finally releases her. She realized that Feun Fa is a good man. The two groups of ruffians attack each other. A final fight occurs between Pao and Chat. Pao is defeated. Feun Fa is back to release Kim An. Despite being severely injured, he helps Kim An. He faces Chat and defeats him.

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