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รับจ้างตาย ตอน แลกตาย
รับจ้างตาย ตอน แลกตาย

Year: 1989

Thai title: รับจ้างตาย ตอน แลกตาย
English title: Employ For Die 2

Rating: 3/5
Director: เชาว์ มีคุณสุต

Main actor: Bin Banleurit,Williams Sunner
Main actress: Audrey Laurie

Thai movie รับจ้างตาย ตอน แลกตาย / Employ For Die 2 was released in year 1989 and lasts 1h19mn. It was released in VCD format 4:3 by Solar company and Lepso company. As the movie length is quite short, it is probably cut or censored. Movie director is เชาว์ มีคุณสุต. เชาว์ มีคุณสุต is a famous director for Thai action movies. Thai actors and actresses featured in this movie are Bin Banleurit, ศราวุฒิ เก่งทุกทาง, เล็ก ทรงพล, ศักดิ์ รอดริน, ซูกุด น้ำจัน. There are a few foreign actors, i.e. Black Direct, Williams Sunner, Audray Laurie (Audrey Laurie). In the past, featuring foreign actors was giving a higher status to a Thai movie and presenting it as an international production, but the foreign actors in "Employ For Die 2" are just unknown actors and actresses having short roles. This movie is the second sequel of Thai movie จ้างตาย / Employ For Die released in year 1988 and featuring Chatchai Plengpanich as main actor. For the second sequel, Bin Banleurit is the main actor. The movie slogan is ตายไม่ว่าแต่อย่าให้เลือดออก (Dying is no matter but bleeding shall be avoided). Overseas, the movie is known as Cannibal Mercenary 2 and seems to be based on the Thai VCD release. This is a typical 1980s Thai war movie. During the anti-communist years, movies with soldiers and mercenaries fighting in the jungle were popular. Most of these movies were low-profile, though some were popular as they played to the national sentiment. At the end of the 1980s, when the communists were defeated, such action films faded. Communist enemies were then often replaced by drug traffickers. The movie opening credits part is using Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries being a reference to the movie "Apocalypse Now". Leu (Bin Banleurit) is ordered by his boss to form a mercenary team to stop drug propagation in Thailand and to get rid of a dangerous drug lord called Bad Dog and being protected by scores of tough men. Despite being reluctant to perform the job as most of his teammates died in the previous mission, Leu has to do it. Bad Dog is having foreigners in his team. Leu has to form a new team to search for Bad Dog. Five former soldiers join him. Every new team member has a reason to join, such as a need of 300,000 THB to cure a sick mother, money for relatives… All of them know they have little chance to survive on such a difficult mission. They enter the jungle to find Bad dog’s stronghold. They are on an unofficial mission so even Thai police and army can shoot them. They are mercenaries (คนรับจ้าง), so they are employed for die. During their progression, they meet another group looking to escape from the Thai army. They join but have to split soon as their missions (ภารกิจ) are different. On the next day, they are attacked by strong black men, part of Bad Dog’s team. One mercenary is killed through a machete. Aware of mercenaries entering his territory, Bad Dog orders his men to kill them. During the progression in the jungle, they meet a beautiful foreign lady. She joins them, but it is a trick. She pushes one of the mercenaries in an acid bath. Only four mercenaries are left. They are also concerned about dying too. Dissension occurs within the group. On the way to the stronghold, they find lost migrants including one lady with a baby. They have pity on them and give them their food. Same as them, the migrants cannot go back and have to move forward despite the risk. Some migrants walk on mines and die. Only the young lady and her baby are left. The group continues their journey on a raft and survives an attack by strong swimmers. One of the mercenaries eats แมลงสาบผี, being cockroaches in corpses. They are attacked again, but push back their opponents. They finally arrive in Bad Dog’s stronghold. Two mercenaries are killed while trying to protect the baby. The last friend sacrifices his life and explodes grenades on him to get rid of Bad Dog. Leu would like to exchange his life (แลกตาย) with them as he promised that no team members should die. He promised to take care of the baby.

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