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Year: 1989

Thai title: โคตรอำมหิต
English title:

Rating: 2/5

Main actor: Sorapong Chatree,Somsak Chaisongkram,Rith Luecha,Chat Mongkolchai
Main actress: Duangdeuan Jithaisong

Thai movie โคตรอำมหิต was released in year 1989. It lasts 1h30mn. This Thai movie was only released under VHS format many years ago. It reminds of a Thai Rambo version. Phayu (Sorapong Chatree) and his men (ทหารรับจ้าง) are facing Vietnamese soldiers. They defeat them but have only three men left. Vietnamese army is led by Somsak Chaisongkram. Phayu is back to his village and helps a captain aggressed by ruffians. Those ruffians (กลุ่มนักเลง) attack his father's house claiming for a 20 years debt. Phayu is chased, gets injured and falls in the river. He is rescued by a villager and his daughter Surita (Duangdeuan Jithaisong). Villager Praka seems Phaya as a threat towards his love to Surita and is worried about enemy (ศัตรู) looking for Phayu. Somsak asks help from Rith Luecha and Chat Mongkolchai to find Phayu. Meanwhile three men wearing soldier’s clothes do a rampage in a village. One has same face as Phayu! Surita is worried if Phayu goes back to his village. Praka doesn't support Surita's interest in Phayu and tries to kill him by jealousy. Phayu’s parents and younger sister have all been killed by bandits (โจร). Revenge is mandatory for Phayu. The other man with similar face as Phayu is called Phayak and is in fact his elder brother. Praka brings the bandits to Surita's home. He dies while protecting Surita, who gets shot also. Phayak also dies. Phayu’s storms the ruffians’ camp. He places some hidden grenades on the way to his village as he knows ruffians will chase him. It ends in a bloody and deadly fighting.

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